5X5® innovation track

Every entrepreneur recognises it:

you have a pile of good ideas ready to go, but their development just doesn't get on the agenda;
you can't find the right creative partner for the development of a new product/service;
you need help in formulating the right problem definition.

Designregio Kortrijk assists your company from A to Z in the development of a new innovative product or service. With our 15 years of experience in coordinating innovation processes, we are your ideal partner.

In collaboration with

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Designregio Kortrijk

  • helps your company find the right creative and innovative skills;
  • coordinates the entire process and monitors deadlines;
  • guarantees a new product/service over a period of one year;
  • makes its network available to you for all your questions about IP, communication, etc.
  • takes care of the launching moment of your new product with both physical and online communication.

This way, we prepare your company for the future!

In the 5X5® innovation track, a company takes up an opportunity to develop a new product/service in one year's time. To this end, Designregio Kortrijk links them up with an external designer. Designregio Kortrijk takes on the project management and supports the entire process, from idea to final product.

The concept 5X5® has been registered as a trademark within the Benelux (Depot number 1347127). 5X5® is created and owned by Designregio Kortrijk vzw.

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Dovy Kitchens developed a new innovative handle

This project is convincing proof that we not only make kitchens to measure, but also think along with the customer.

Jurgen Snaet, Dovy

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Under the motto 'Don't leave that good idea in the closet', Dovy Keukens developed a unique handle for its kitchens in cooperation with designer Roel Vandebeek according to the 5X5® innovation process. The collaboration was enlightening, because thinking 'out of the box' creates a different perspective and a new way of thinking. Without taking into account the possibilities and limitations of the company. This allows them to show another side of Dovy.

This handle can count on enthusiastic reactions from customers and puts Dovy on the map as a trendsetter in the kitchen sector and always interested in new ideas and insights, also from someone outside the company and or even outside the kitchen sector.

What is the added value of this guided product development project?

Product development is at the top of the agenda, no more excuses for procrastination. External designers bring in a totally new perspective and know-how and create added value, also (especially) in sectors where you would not immediately expect designers. Voka and Designregio Kortrijk guide the collaboration process: the search for a suitable designer, the collaboration agreement with the establishment of the intellectual property, the course of the creative process, meeting the deadlines, the financial aspect and a public event.


By working together with a designer, materials and production processes were initiated that we would not otherwise use in the company, but which proved to be an added value and enrichment.

Karel Francois, Q-lite, participant in the 5X5® innovation track

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What is the step-by-step plan?

1. We map out the needs of your company.

2. We work out a specific mission statement.

3. We search for your ideal creative and innovative partner!

4. Exploration: we organise a workshop in order to approach the problem definition as broadly as possible.

5. On the basis of the previous steps, we draw up the guideline for your product innovation: the design letter.

6. The design letter is executed by the designer and company where Designregio Kortrijk meets the set deadlines.

7. If expertise is lacking, we add a junior designer to the team.

8. The finished concept is critically examined by a board of experts.

9. The final prototype is presented at a public event organised by Designregio Kortrijk.

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Completed projects

Designregio Kortrijk has already supported more than 35 5X5® innovation tracks. Discover all cases here!