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Tool for Making up a Bed

De Witte Lietaer wanted to broaden its market segment by focussing on B2B, specifically in the sleep industry. Comfort, user-friendliness and quality are top priorities in this market segment. The aim of the 5X5® project was hence not to create just another stylish design, but a timeless product with a highly innovative character in shape, use and functionality.

This resulted in the development of a tool with which to make beds in a hotel in a much faster and more efficient way: physical efforts are limited and the amount of time spent on the making up of one bed is reduced.

Company: De Witte Lietaer International Textiles

De Witte Lietaer has been active since 1898 and aims at high-quality household linen. Constant throughout their story is the combination of quality, an eye for detail and knowhow. Their products quickly find their way to renowned hotels and restaurants. The individual consumer too can call on De Witte Lietaer for bed, table, kitchen or bathroom linen, that add a distinctive touch to any home.

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Senior Designer: Stefan Schöning

Stefan Schöning (BE, °1968) graduated in 1994 as product developer and immediately founded a multidisciplinary studio, that works for customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and the USA. Folder, a chair in origami style, has become a design classic worldwide. Schöning is also known with a wide audience for the NMBS corporate identity he created in 2004 and which won several (inter)national awards. In 2008 he was elected Belgian Designer of the Year. His designs may be very divers, both in concept, materials, finishing and applications, but they always return to the essence.

Stefanschoning 2 credit Charlie De Keersmaecker

This product was developed within the 5X5® innovation process. With 5X5® Voka West-Flanders and Designregion Kortrijk offer companies the opportunity to develop their idea into a new product or service under supervision and in cooperation with a designer or design team.