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Sowsies uses AKOMO production waste as acoustic filler.

It is an airy, hip and playfully configurable seating element.

A wink, remarkably quiet, and suitable for many interiors!


At ISOMO, they use expanded polystyrene as a raw material for the production of high-quality insulation materials. In addition to the production of EPS, they also process melamine foam. This is a flexible, open-cell foam with good thermal and especially excellent acoustic properties. In addition to the thermal and acoustic aspects, the foam has many other advantages.

Under the name AKOMO, they offer melamine foam in the form of acoustic lighting, objects and panels. In this case, the foam is given a finish, which allows them to offer it in numerous colours. They have their own collection, but also create custom projects.

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GBO Innovation Makers: they design, develop and deliver products that are used all over the world. Founded in 1990 and rooted in product development, they have grown into a full-service design agency that focuses on the entire spectrum of product development, including product delivery. They operate in three countries with an incredibly creative team of 30+ innovation-makers.

Their work has been recognised by several awards, including iF GOLD, G-mark and RED DOT.

Driven by their core values of 'Dynamic, Inspiring and Skilled', they strive for continuous innovation.

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