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High-quality Lithuanian souvenirs, but from a Belgian designer duo

From.Lt/Tiekimo has been active on the Lithuanian souvenir market since 2017. Initially, they only produced souvenirs at the request of their customers; now they are making the switch to high-quality souvenirs according to their own designs. Via the 5x5 project, they are now working together with the Ghent designer duo Heren Loebas.

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Company: From Lt/Tiekimo

Tiekimo has been active on the Lithuanian souvenir market since 2017.
According to manager Simas Kargaudas, things have evolved since then:

"When I started analysing the Lithuanian souvenir market, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of things that had nothing to do with Lithuania at all, such as matryoshkas or fur hats with Soviet stars sold on Vilnius' castle street. I immediately realised that the idea of creating a series of high-quality Lithuanian souvenirs was something specific to us. Until then, we had specialised in ordering different products according to the needs of our customers - we would find a manufacturer and have the product made with the customer's house style. Now we dictate the product and the design,"

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The designers: HEREN LOEBAS

The Ghent duo Heren Loebas is a creative studio with a playful view of the world. Through the 5x5 project, they recently started working with the Lithuanian company. "For us, as a creative studio, this is the first project of its kind, so it is very exciting to see what the end result will be. At the agency, we work mainly with graphic design, advertising and campaign organisation. Usually we work with printed or digital products, but this time it will be a kind of physical object - which is intriguing. At the last 5X5® Kaunas event in October, we will present a specific mass product that tourists would like to buy and take home as a treasured memory of Lithuania," says Peter Van de Sijpe.

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