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What healthy lawn soil needs

ELIET JETZER® biedt een oplossing voor de problemen van de klimaatverandering voor tuin en park. Bij een JETZER behandeling worden JETZER PODSTM in de gazonbodem geïnjecteerd tot op een diepte van c.a. 20 cm. De kanaaltjes die zo ontstaan verhogen de infiltratie capaciteit van een gazon voor regenwater. De JETZER PODSTM zijn capsules opgevuld met granulaat volgens de behoefte van het gazon. Is dit granulaat bvb. super-absorberend polymeer, dan kan per m² gazon 10L regenwater in de gazonbodem worden opgeslagen als buffer voor droge periodes.

Company: Eliet nv

ELIET is a Belgian manufacturer of garden machines. Since its inception, this family enterprise has specialised in a number of niche sectors: green waste processing (shredders), refined lawn care (scarifying, overseeding, sod cutting, edge trimming, aerating, fertilising, top dressing), as well as waste removal (blowers and vacuums) and snow removal. Thanks to its creativity and innovation, ELIET has grown over 35 years to become a reference brand in its market. The machines are sold worldwide in some 37 countries. The users of ELIET machines are garden contractors, public green services and passionate private gardeners.

Senior Designer: Verhaert

Verhaert stimulates ambitious entrepreneurs to innovate, with their integrated focus on user-centered design as the common thread between technology and business innovation. For this edition of 5x5, our DesignLab will again take up the challenge with a lot of enthusiasm. Design and innovation are our passion, which has already led to some interesting and sophisticated design strategies, as well as successful new products and services. Innovating together remains a fascinating and challenging adventure, both for the entrepreneur as the designer. We like dreaming, but always aim to end with something tangible, which fits entirely in the 5x5 project.

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