About Designregio Kortrijk

Designregio Kortrijk brings talent together in this UNESCO-recognised creative design region to imagine, design and make a better future. Togheter with our network, we build a more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial region.

Week van het Ontwerpen 2 Jonas Verbeke
Week van het Ontwerpen 1 Jonas Verbeke
City of Kortrijk Henderyckx
BUDA lab 2 Jonas Verbeke
BUDA lab 1 Jonas Verbeke


Since the start in 2005, we have been an active and intensive partnership of Intercommunale Leiedal, Voka West-Vlaanderen, City of Kortrijk, Howest and Biennale Interieur. Together, we organise projects that stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, we inspire with good practices and we connect a network of companies, designers, education and public space.

Thanks to our long tradition in this field, since autumn 2017 the Kortrijk region belongs to a worldwide network of 246 cities that use creativity as a lever for sustainable development: the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

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Stijn Debaillie LR 8

Stijn Debaillie

Lisa Declercq LR 4

Lisa Declercq

Stan Dewaele LR 10

Stan Dewaele

Lise Van Tendeloo LR 6

Lise Van Tendeloo

Sebastien Hylebos LR 2

Sébastien Hylebos

Tom Delmotte

Tom Delmotte

Our partners

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Voka west vlaanderen
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By setting up partnerships with companies, local authorities, education and citizens throughout the region, we create impact. 1 + 1 is more than 3!

Dominiek Callewier, chairman

Dominiek Callewier

Board of Directors


Dominiek Callewier, manager AVC


Bert Mons, Managing Director Voka West Flanders

Lode De Geyter, Managing Director Howest

Vincent Van Quickenborne, mayor city of Kortrijk, federaal volksvertegenwoordiger

Filip Vanhaverbeke, Managing Director Intercommunal Leiedal

Baudouin Meyhui, vice-president Biennale Interieur

Coordination team

For Voka West Flanders

Marijke Bouciqué

For Howest

Ronald Bastiaens

For the city of Kortrijk

Marianne De Meyere

For Leiedal

Maarten Gheysen

For Biennale Interieur

Jo Libeer