Everyone knows that a strong industry is an important foundation for our economy and for our prosperity. As a company and producer of goods and services, it is necessary to bring high added value products to the market. These days people don’t just buy a product, they buy an experience. By co-creating and giving innovation, creativity and design a fixed place within companies, the created added value can be translated into tangible results. Doing this well, requires a coherent, effective and systematic approach.

Designregio Kortrijk developed the unique 5X5 concept that had already five successful editions. 5 companies in the region Kortrijk have the unique opportunity to work for one year together with both a junior and a senior designer. The company and the designers follow a fixed 5X5 methodology to create a new product together. The various aspects of product development are highlighted and activated in the program.

Designregio Kortrijk covers substantially the design cost and supports the entire process from initial idea to a product that is ready to be commercialized. The prototypes and concepts of ongoing collaborations are shown on the Biennale INTERIEUR.

The 5 teams of edition 2015-2016:

Depro Profiles X senior designer Danny Venlet X junior designers Andries De Winter & Bert Vermeire
Elasta X design studio Ten X junior designers Jan Thierens & Olmo Brood
Vanhalst X design studio Cides X design studio Aptus
Vincent Sheppard X senior designer Alain Gilles X junior designer Jessy Van Durme
Viva Sara X design studio STUDIO|Nedda X junior designer Elise Vandeplancke

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Edition 1 - 2005-2006

Edition 2 - 2007-2008

Edition 3 - 2012-2013

Edition 4 - 2013-2014

This edition we work again with 5 ambitious companies out of differed sectors: Novy, Copahome, Domotic lounge, Vika and Euraqua. The Following designer couples active in the project are: Jean Fancois Do’r / Frédérique Ficheroulle, David Pas/ Orlando Thuysbaert, Johan Bonner/Wendy De Moor, Pieter lessage/Matthijs Stichelbaut, David Dos Santos/Mathieur Bellens and Olivier Caluwier.

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