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Do you need an innovation boost, product innovation, expertise, cooperation with young talent, visibility, networking or marketing?

Designregio Kortrijk matches you up with the creative and innovative skills you need and offers support from A to Z.

Because designers are experts in the innovation of products, services, methods, materials,.... They are not only creative. They are also critical. They dare to question the mundane. And when devising solutions, they start from the needs of the customer or end-user.

Over the past 15 years, Designregio Kortrijk and its founding partners have developed various formats for bringing innovation to companies, based on design methods. Our services range from a targeted match to intensive guidance in product and service development and even online and offline communication about the realisation. We work fully tailored to your company and your needs.

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"By working together with a designer, materials and production processes were initiated that we would not otherwise use in the company, but which proved to be an added value and enrichment."

Karel Francois, Q-lite, participant of the 5X5® innovation track

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"The external view of a professional designer encourages you to take off your daily blinders."

Thierry Demuynck, Demuynck sofa manufacturer, participant in the 5X5® innovation process

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"We challenge companies to jump into the future, and with the results we see what we can build for them today."

Pieter Lesage, design agency Studio Dott

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