Workshop Co-creating Circular Values

We are facing a future full of challenges. Sustainability is the guiding principle for tackling these challenges.

One method to a better future is the switch from a linear to a circular economy.

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In the workshop co-designing circular values, we search together with companies for quick-wins and fundamental solutions by means of the design thinking process.

Together we have to rethink solutions in the mindset of companies, the technical aspects and the business model behind it.

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Within the circular story, you usually think of the classic residual flows. But the workshop took us deeper into the cycle of our product.

Lode Espriet, Cras

Lode Espriet

What can you expect in concrete terms?

1. You will gain insight into the general working of circular economy;

2. What are the triggers for taking those first steps;

3. You get to know interesting partners;

4. And you work on your own case, for which we define different strategies and prioritise next steps.


Voor wie?
Voor iedereen die enthousiast is om rond circulariteit te werken in een bedrijfscontext, van innovatiemanagers tot CEO´s, van sustainability managers tot R&D-professionals

Beschikbare data: 22/09, 21/10, 25/11 en 16/12 telkens van 9u00 tot 12u30

Aantal deelnemers?
Om voldoende in de diepte te kunnen gaan, nemen bij voorkeur 3 tot 4 mensen deel aan deze workshop

€1500, exclusief BTW

De workshop is voor één bedrijf.

We have already tackled many issues with our own knowledge and experience, but some require more external expertise and assistance.

Bruno D’hont, Verimpex

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