Circular co-creation hub

South-West Flanders is known as the manufacturing region in Belgium. One in three production companies in Belgium is located in this region. They are often family businesses from the textile sector, the metalworking sector and the plastics processing sector that have grown out of the traditional flax industry. For these SMEs, there is a compelling demand to transform into an industry that deals more sustainably with the available materials and raw materials.

The Circular co-creation hub (CICO HUB) joins forces to bring companies together and support them in this transition to circular entrepreneurship.

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Circular Forum: bringing all actors together

Het circulair forum is een platform voor productiebedrijven, maatwerkbedrijven, afvalverwerkende bedrijven, dienstverleners, bedrijven actief in deeleconomie, kenniscentra, creatieve ondernemingen,… met als centraal thema: afvalvalorisatie en circulaire economie.

Een samenwerking met actoren uit verschillende achtergronden en met verschillende competenties brengt vaak verrassende ideeën aan het licht. Dit platform heeft dan ook als doel de kennis over afvalverwerking en circulair ondernemen te vergroten, de problemen en drempels te bespreken en (keten)samenwerking te creëren.

Waar staan we nu? Wat kunnen en doen we al? Welke uitdagingen hebben we nog te overwinnen?

The circular future of (production) waste: valorising waste streams

From April 2021, a number of production companies will be selected within this section of the project that will be given the opportunity to identify and explore their residual flows in cooperation with students and design companies in order to subsequently arrive at new products and a valorisation of their residual flows in co-creation with a customised company.

Designregio Kortrijk in collaboration with Voka West-Vlaanderen, Howest, Intercommunale Leiedal, WAAK and W13 (social economy and custom companies) and with the support of ESF.

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