WONDER Creativity Festival

With WONDER Creativity Festival, Designregio Kortrijk, city of Kortrijk and partners paid tribute to the creativity and innovative ideas of young talent from 19 October to 5 November 2023. We were able to welcome 11,000 visitors!

WONDER challenged the limits of our imagination, and confidently looked ahead to the future. Therefore, the city festival gave a forum to inventive minds coming up with remarkable solutions to the societal challenges we face today and in the future.

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The beating heart of WONDER was at the Budafabriek, where work and projects by designers from all over Belgium were presented via multiple exhibitions. The city centre of Kortrijk was the setting for the rest of the festival. At 28 locations, Belgian public and private partners there presented free exhibitions, lectures, workshops or events that celebrated imagination and creativity through a range of disciplines in the broadest sense.

As a counterweight to daily doom scenarios, WONDER brought a positive, approachable story with youthful optimism as its driving force. Together with designers, artists, entrepreneurs and students, the festival aimed to be an impactful platform for innovative, sustainable, digital and social ideas, projects and products. WONDER encouraged reflection and open-mindedness, and enthused visitors to shape the future boldly and colourfully together.

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The future is now. A new generation is ready to sink its teeth into tomorrow's societal challenges in its own atypical and rebellious way.

Not shying away from experimentation, they enthusiastically embrace the latest digital technologies without renouncing their classics. They go phygital...
In these challenging times, WONDER helps expand your outlook with products and concepts that will make our future.

At eight Kortrijk city locations between 20 October and 6 November 2022, WONDER allowed visitors to be surprised, dare to look differently at what is and be amazed by what is to come ...

Exhibitions by Designregio Kortrijk


Every meal a little happiness

One of the little joys of residents of residential care centres is the whole meal event. From choosing this meal to dining together with fellow residents. For a residential care centre, however, there is a lot of organisation involved between these two phases.Designregio Kortrijk, VOKA West-Vlaanderen and Zorggroep H.Hart launched an innovation project last autumn in which the meal process within the H.Hart care group was analysed and improved on the basis of the designthinking method.Discover this process through a narrative immersive experience.

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