Designers in Residence Kortrijk

Every year since 2014, Designregion Kortrijk invites recently graduated designers from different creative disciplines for the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme. During a residency, the selected designers will have the unique opportunity to develop an experimental concept through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk.

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2024 - All the Small Things

DESIGNREGIO Kortrijk and Design Fest Gent join forces and invite you to participate in Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2024, with the theme "All the Small Things".

The residency program runs from Monday, September 2 to Friday, November 29.

You will create contextual work and participate in inspiring excursions and conversations.

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2023 - Phenomena

Elders and Designregio Kortrijk joined forces for a joint presentation during WONDER and Kortrijk Art Weekend entitled ‘Phenomena’ (19.10 - 05.11 Patria Grote Markt Kortrijk). For three weekends, the three Designers in Residence Simon Hampikian, Yara Veloso and Nicolas Zanoni showed their results of their two-month stay in Kortrijk under the guidance of Designregio Kortrijk and Elders.

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WONDER 2023 PREVIEW 4 Jonas Verbeke LR 4
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2022: The future of the daily

This year’s Designers in Residence programme will focus on the daily. How to distinguish the extraordinary from the daily? How can these spaces and objects be identified? What determines them? What role do they play in people’s lives? How do they connect and strengthen interpersonal relations? How do they relate to our online alter ego? What (spatial) features do they have? And above all, what future do they have?

The Future of the Daily

2021 - The future of urban nature

The City and Nature are very often presented as opposites. Surprisingly enough, in the city centre of Kortrijk we find a high percentage of open space. The Designers in Residence 2021 are asked to redefine the relationship and meaning of City/Nature from an engagement with and interpretation of the city of Kortrijk and its wider region. Can we shape this relationship as a co-existence? Can it contribute to dealing with a number of urban crises and challenges? Which interventions and projects result from this interpretation?

The three selected designers are:

Laurie Flint (Hastings, United Kingdom, °1992)
Eliette Rampon (Saint-Etienne, France, °1997)
Stanisław MacLeod (Krościenko nad Dunajcem, Poland, °1998)

The Dispersal Project KIOSK 2
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2020 - The future of urban leisure

The 3 young international designers Emilie Froelich, Jadd Hallaj and Elena Falomo were invited by Designregion Kortrijk to think about "The future of urban leisure" or our leisure activities in the city. During their research about (the region of) Kortrijk, Elena, Jadd and Emelie bumped into a remarkable and fascinating fact. On a map of Kortrijk from 1850, they discovered that there were many little islands in Groot-Kortrijk. Most of them were farms surrounded by water. Many of these farms have now become places of recreation, such as Bar Botaniek, Wildernis, Heerlijkheid van Heule, Hoeve Te Coucx, etc. But there are also a number where nothing has happened at all so far. The 3 designers invite you to think along about the future of these special places for Kortrijkzanen. On their website they document their research.

2019: The Future of Domesticity

The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2019 Lucie Dubois, Oleksandra Gerasymchuk and YunPei Hsiung worked during their residency around the theme of Future of Domesticity, more specifically around small living and tiny houses. They developed an open source educational board game 'NomadiCity' that challenges players to think about the future of housing through a creative building process.

In autumn 2020, Lucie, Oleksandra and YunPei proudly presented their KEEP IT TINY BOOK, which documents their journey. In it, you will learn all about their research, concept and inspiring board game!

DIRK 2019
DIRK 2019
Keep it Tiny
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2018: Discover the Next Space

Jasna Dimitrovska, Jaenam Lim & Kazumasa Takada participated in the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme of Designregion Kortrijk from September to December 2018. The multidisciplinary team developed a spatial system that brings new life to a vacant industrial building in Belgium. The designers designed a temporary space for citizens of the Kortrijk region in a vacant industrial building that was once used as a flax storage facility.

Autumn 2019 they presented their book "Future of Space", in which they recorded their journey. Find out all about their research, concept, projection mapping and stunning final result!

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DIRK 2018
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2017: Enabling liquid boundaries by social design

Maria Pita Guerreiro (Portugal), Sahil Thappa (India) and Déborah Janssens (France) participated in the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme from September to December 2017. They worked together to explore social transformation through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk. The Liquid State explores social and physical boundaries to bring new perspectives into our environment that generate participatory experiences.

Autumn 2018, they presented their book "The Liquid Book", capturing their journey with each other and the local community, the contextual understanding of the city, their design thinking processes, the different stages of the ideas and concepts and their results.

Dirk 2017
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DIRK 2016

2016: #opensource #community #machines #makingprocess

In 2016, Designregio Kortrijk invited the three designers Guillaume Morillon (FR), Katharina Kraus (DE), Catherine Oldershaw (US) for the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme. The three designers worked around the themes of open source machines, making and community driven production processes, following the example of Dave Hakkens' Precious Plastic Project. The Open Design methodology and the experiences of the 3 Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2016 were bundled in the publication DIRK.

Guillaume Morillon (FR), Katharina Kraus (DE) and Catherine Oldershaw (USA) worked in 2016 on a unique participatory recycling process that involves the local community in the making of objects.

Watch the video report of their "experimental participatory recycling WORKSHOP".

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Shredder machine 1600 c
Stand done 1600 c

2015: Open Design for the Future

The Open Design methodologies, research and experiences of the 2015 Designers in Residence Kortrijk Silvia Neretti, Michele Armellini, William Shum & Momoe Narazaki were compiled in the publication Open Design for the Future. Their research, results, the conceptual background and images of their project were compiled, inspiringly designed by graphic talent Corbin Mahieu.

Dirk 2015
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DIRK 2014

2014: Open design for a better connected comunity

The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2014, Antonio Carratù (IT), Robin Andersson (SWEDEN) and Lucie Barouillet (FR) have combined their experiences and methodologies in the book Open Design in Practice. With 'Open Design' as a general theme and 'design for a better connected community' as a specific starting point, the project aims to lower the threshold between design and everyday life. Open Design in Practice' is not a specific answer to questions from the community, but rather an exploration of possibilities, opportunities and obstacles. The designer responds to these: he can anticipate, provides insights and proposes solutions, not only for companies or the city, but also for you and me.

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