We bring your unique story to life in our network.

Designregio Kortrijk has a ♥ for creative entrepreneurial talent.

In everything we do, we bring talent together to imagine, design and create a better future. We match creatives with companies to expand their professional network and knowledge and vice versa, to make companies more creative and innovative. We can rely on a unique network within a region recognized as Kortrijk UNESCO Design Region.

Are you pushing back frontiers with your fantastic company or organisation? Are you developing an innovative product or providing an innovative service, and would you like to show it off using the right words and images?

We select a suitable copywriter and visual creative to work on your case. Together they will produce - under our coordination - creative and qualitative content that can be used in a variety of communication tools and that we will also publish in a series.

You become the owner of all material, we provide extra airplay.

Our focus is on your innovative way of working. After all, we do not like the well-trodden paths, we like to focus on innovation and design. Not only the end product is important to us, the road towards it can count on at least as much attention. Because that is what interests our very extensive network of manufacturers, designers, governments, educational institutions and opinion leaders. And that is the forum on which we want to and can unleash your story.

Whoever subscribes to our offer is guaranteed to appear on the radar of our very extensive and at the same time focused network of creative professionals at home and abroad.

You can take advantage of this offer for the price of €2.500.

Your return?

  • text drafted on the basis of an interview
  • customised image
  • publication of the article on DRK channels
    • dedicated WONDERING STORIES page on the website
    • in our WONDERING STORIES newsletter
    • distribution via our various social media channels
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