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Design Drinks & Talks 19.09

We cordially invite you on Thursday, September 19 at 7pm for another edition of Design Drinks & Talks.

Our inspiration and networking gathering for creatives and anyone interested.

For this edition we will gather at the Triennial Kortrijk 2024. More specifically under the Parrot Pavilion in the Begijnhof Park.

The Parrot Pavilion is inspired by a spider web structure. It includes a tubular structure within which 16 painted canvases are suspended. This pavilion is developed as a participatory concept; it manifests itself as a meeting place where the artist and the public engage in dialogue. The artwork thus activates the public space in a supreme way.

The following speakers will be featured:

👉 Nico Dockx & Caroline Voet - give more interpretation on their Parrot Pavillion.

👉 Toon Sintobin from Movie FX - special effects studio Movie FX from Kortrijk.

👉 Sibran Sampers of Copper & Light - cooperative in which artists and business people work together to professionalize artistic practice and more.

Design Drinks Talks SEPT 19


Design Drinks Talks SEP 19

Nico Dockx & Caroline Voet
Giving interpretation at their Parrot Pavillion

Artist Nico Dockx has a keen interest in archiving processes and knowledge transfer. In his multimedia installations, events and publications, he shines a different light on memory, memories and our perception of reality.
Caroline Voet designs places of experience and objects full of emotion. With an exceptional gift for reading a place, she (re)creates houses, public interiors, furniture and exhibitions, always from a love of spatiality, materials and proportion, the craft for details and their historical framework.

Toon Sintobin of Movie FX

Fog, snow, rain, wind, fire-breathing dragons and gunfire. The Kortrijk-based special effects studio Movie FX makes them happen whenever and wherever you want. And they do so with care, adequate safety equipment and a flair for the effect. Over the past ten years they have built a team with the best experts they could find: people with agile minds and ditto hands who get out of bed because someone asks them to do something that is simply impossible. They provide special effects for theater, advertising and film in Europe and beyond for numerous mega-productions such as Skunk, The Story of Flanders and RAMMSTEIN. Ready to be blown over by Toon Sintobin's story?

Sibran Sampers of Copper & Light

Copper & Light is a cooperative in which artists and business people join hands. The goal is to professionalize the artists' artistic practice, create interesting exhibition opportunities and increase public outreach. Sibran joins us to look ahead to their participation in the WONDER Creativity Festival and provide interpretation on their THINGK BIGK expo.


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