Design region Kortrijk rolls out 5X5® innovation track in Kaunas, Lithuania

Kortrijk receives €100,000 from the Flemish government for cooperation with the Lithuanian city of Kaunas in the run-up to Kaunas European Cultural Capital 2022. Design region Kortrijk is thus rolling out three of its projects in Kaunas. The first project to be launched is the successful 5X5® innovation project.

Kortrijk and Kaunas got to know each other through the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). Both cities are members of UCCN in the field of design. In 2021 Kaunas will enter the last straight line to European Capital of Culture 2022. A title that Kortrijk also aspires to in 2030. So both Kortrijk and Kaunas are very actively writing a story of creativity and design. The ideal operating base for setting up an intense collaboration.

5X5® innovation pathway in Kaunas

The current corona crisis proves once again that creativity and agility are the keys to staying ahead as a company in this uncertain world. And let Designregio Kortrijk and Voka West-Vlaanderen stimulate precisely that creative thinking with the 5X5® innovation path. Thanks to 5X5®, more than 40 West-Flanders companies, including Dovy Keukens, Valo Blinds, Eliet and Akomo have been working with design teams over the past 10 years to develop new products and services.

Thanks to this collaboration, Designregio Kortrijk can roll out the 5X5®-method internationally for the first time, so that SMEs from Kaunas can stay ahead of the competition thanks to well-designed and meaningful products and services. Since the beginning of this year, Designregio Kortrijk has been training a team from Kaunas so that they too can guide companies and designers through the 5X5® process. The call for companies and designers has already been launched. The results of the project in Kaunas and those of the Flemish companies will be on display in an exhibition as part of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022.

Besides the 5X5® innovation trajectory, a K-TOTEM sculpture will be exported to Kaunas and a trade mission for 2022 is being prepared.