4 bleaching meadows

Cornershop of daydreams

The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2022 aka 💭 The Cornershop of Daydreams 💭 present their very first showcase 'Pipe Dreams' WONDER Creativity Festival 20.10 - 06.11!

The building is going through the motions. Repetitive, restful, the building lets a daydream take hold. The daydream arrives like a flood, an energy surged through hallways and streets, displacing intimate memories, grievances and fantasies from their normal stations, scattering them across the landscape.

In the waking world you walk along to the junction between Budastraat and Kapucijnenstraat where you find the Cornershop of Daydreams, busy assembling stories of the Budafabriek. Stories of the island on which the building sits, of the water that flows past and through its veins, of the city beyond, of meadows, mattresses, strikes and sand beneath the paving stones. Busy consulting archives, official and unofficial, living and inanimate. Busy deciphering the language and colour of the building’s thoughts, the logics of its fascinations. Busy studying the speculative power of daydreaming. Busy wondering, can daydreaming be a tool to transgress the limits of daily life?

Visit their installation WONDER (20/10 – 06/11), Budafabriek, 0e toilets


Archival images slides 3 and 5 © @stadkortrijk

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