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Every year, the Designers in Residence Kortrijk produce a book about their research and the final result.

JEvery year, Designregio Kortrijk invites recently graduated designers from various creative disciplines to the Designers in Residence Kortrijk program. During a 3-month residency (September to December), three selected designers will have the unique opportunity to develop an experimental concept through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions such as Kortrijk. With the Buda Island as a focal point in Kortrijk, a fascinating community of creative individuals, businesses, cultural organisations, creative education and end users will be present. The aim is to connect with the local manufacturing industry, largely embedded in this region and local producers in a contemporary way. The Budafabriek and BUDA::lab are the inspiring locations where they create, work and live. We are proud to put all the books of the past years in the spotlight.


The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2014, Antonio Carratù (IT), Robin Andersson (SWEDEN) and Lucie Barouillet (FR) bundled their experiences and methodologies in Open Design in Practice. With 'Open Design' as a general theme and 'design for a better connected community' as a specific starting point, the project aims to lower the threshold between design and everyday life. Open Design in Practice' is not a specific answer to questions from the community, but rather an exploration of possibilities, opportunities and obstacles. The designer responds to these: he can anticipate, provides insights and proposes solutions, not only for companies or the city, but also for you and me.

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He Open Design methods, research and experiences of the Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2015 were bundled in the publication Open Design for the Future.
Their research, results, the conceptual background and images of their project were bundled, inspiringly designed by graphic talent Corbin Mahieu.

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DIRK - 2016

In 2016, Designregio Kortrijk invited the three designers Guillaume Morillon (FR), Katharina Kraus (DE), Catherine Oldershaw (US) for the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme. The three designers worked around the themes of open source machines, making and community driven production processes, following the example of Dave Hakkens' Precious Plastic Project. The Open Design methodology and the experiences of the 3 Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2016 were bundled in the publication DIRK.

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Maria Pita Guerreiro (Portugal), Sahil Thappa (India) and Déborah Janssens (France) participated in the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme in 2017. They worked around exploring social transformation through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions like Kortrijk. The three designers created "The Liquid Book", recording their journey with each other and the local community, the contextual understanding of the city, their design and thinking processes, the different stages of the ideas and concepts and their results.

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Jasna Dimitrovska (°1983, MK), Jaenam Lim (°1987, KR) & Kazumasa Takada (°1991, JP) participated in the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme 2018. The three designers worked on the development of an experimental concept for the future of space. Jasna, Jaenam and Kazumasa proudly present their "Future of Space" book, in which they recorded their journey, designed by Corbin Mahieu. Find out all about their research, concept, projection mapping and amazing end result.

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