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Designers in Residence present final conclusions The Dispersal Project

The Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2021 Laurie Flint, Eliette Rampon and Stas MacLeod gave a final presentation about their project "The Dispersal Project" at the end of January.

During their residency they worked on the theme "Future of Urban Nature".

They developed a series of tools to deal with urban ecology in a different way.

Watch their final presentation here.


Curious about their conclusions?
Watch there final presentation here.

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Every year, Design Region Kortrijk invites three promising, international young designers for a three-month residency trajectory in Kortrijk. The core of this trajectory is experiment and co-creation.

During their stay in Kortrijk, the designers not only work together, but they also invite citizens, students, entrepreneurs and policymakers to think and experiment with them. Every year, this confrontation of young, international designers with the local community leads to inspiring insights, refreshing ideas and experimental concepts.

Design Region Kortrijk has the pleasure of supporting the trio of designers during their research and development.

The three designers selected for 2021 - Stanisław MacLeod, Eliette Rampon and Laurie Flint - started working on the concepts of 'wilderness' and 'being wild' within the broader theme of The Future of Urban Nature.

They titled their project 'The Dispersal Project'.

Inspired by the movement of plant seeds in cities, The Dispersal Project is about the intentional and unintentional relationships between humans and non-humans. As we live our lives, we are constantly actors in various, often complex natural processes, whether we like it or not. This also means that we have to take care of the plants and creatures that shape our existence and give us a sense of belonging. They are also vital to our mutual well-being.