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Design region Kortrijk launches new partnership 'WONDER CLUB' with 7 design companies

WONDER CLUB is a brand-new collaboration platform between design companies Allaert Aluminium, Joli, Modular Lighting Instruments, Novy, Umbrosa, Vincent Sheppard and Wever & Ducré. With this initiative, initiated by Designregio Kortrijk, they want to build bridges to each other for knowledge and network exchange, but above all to other sectors and target groups, think of the next generation. This should lead to more innovation, inspiration and talent attraction for the Kortrijk UNESCO Design Region.

WONDER CLUB is a collective of design-minded companies, here to wonder you, powered by Designregio Kortrijk.

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The Kortrijk region has long been known for its excellent design production companies. Partly for this, the region was internationally awarded as 'Kortrijk UNESCO Design Region' at the end of 2017. UNESCO praised the inimitable enthusiasm of organisations and companies to innovate together with creative talent. At companies today, this results in strong products, clever showrooms and inspiring communication.

The power of cooperation

Cross-fertilisation and collaboration is in the DNA of this design region. So it was with this in mind that Designregio Kortrijk organised a round table discussion at the end of last year with numerous regional manufacturing companies ranging from furniture to architectural elements. And this is where the initial idea and especially the enthusiasm for this platform took shape. Because cooperation across sectors is more than ever a ticket to innovation. Together, we have more impact, more reach, more future.

Under the imaginative title 'WONDER CLUB', Designregio Kortrijk is therefore bringing together the regional design companies Allaert Aluminium, Joli, Modular Lighting Instruments, Novy, Umbrosa, Vincent Sheppard and Wever & Ducré. They offer the best in Belgian - or West Flemish - design, and are now going to communicate this as a joint force.

By joining hands with other beautiful local design brands, we can introduce more people to West Flemish and Belgian design in an approachable way.

Coralie Claeys, Vincent Sheppard


WONDER CLUB brings the seven companies together under the website wonder-club.be, which highlights the proximity of showrooms for potential customers and education, as well as some must-visit inspirational addresses. The website will include a tool to schedule a showroom visit as a professional, school or organisation. Brand-new social media channels will also be set up, including a tiktok channel, where the bridge to young people will be established, and there will be room for experimentation. WONDER CLUB is primarily a platform for exchange and connection of network, inspiration and knowledge, and thus encourages more cooperation.

WONDER Creativity Festival

During the WONDER Creativity Festival, we will undertake several actions with WONDER CLUB. The companies are opening their doors to Belgian secondary and higher education students under the banner Student Days. Modular Lighting Instruments, Vincent Sheppard and Wever & Ducré link up with exhibitions in the WONDER city trail. And all are matched with promising young design- press from the exhibition WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION. WONDER is free to visit between 19 October and 5 November, all information at wonderkortrijk.be.


Allaert Aluminium is a construction company specialising in windows, doors and facades in aluminium, steel and glass for residential and architectural constructions in villas or townhouses. They are experts in aluminium constructions in construction, with a special focus on architecture.

is a quality label for Belgian design, adapted to your needs and complementing your life. With a wide range of finishes, a wide variety of styles and great attention to detail, they give you full control over the look of your Joli table, chair or cabinet. Bespoke furniture complemented by the latest trends and technical innovations.

Modular Lighting Instruments are innovators and pioneers in the world of architectural lighting. They create products that push the boundaries of technical limitations. With its sophisticated presence, lighting enhances the beauty and character of a room.

Novy, with years of experience and constant innovation, is the specialist and market leader in Belgium when it comes to extractor hoods and cooktops. They attach the utmost importance to design, ease of use and durability. Novy products are known for their extremely quiet and efficient operation.

Umbrosa's shade solutions combine elegance, simplicity and unparalleled ergonomics. They proudly produce the world's most beautiful and durable parasols. What makes Umbrosa truly unique is their bold yet accessible and playful design, created in collaboration with renowned designers.

Vincent Sheppard produces iconic and comfortable furniture pieces, driven by a sustainable mindset and a passion for craftsmanship. They create unique indoor and outdoor collections by combining a focus on quality and comfort with craftsmanship and traditional techniques.

Wever & Ducré stands for trendy lighting that not only looks good, but also scores on all in- nterior values. The state-of-the-art LED lighting can be found both in a small rooftop flat and in the city's hippest club. Compactly designed, economical and with more quality of life. Inspired by people who share a fascination for beautiful things and design.


Stan Dewaele, Designregio Kortrijk stan@designregio-kortrijk.be
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