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From 19 October to 5 November, WONDER Creativity Festival will once again take over Kortrijk's city centre for 3 weeks of wondrous exhibitions, installations and events. Via a route through the city, WONDER will fill the heads of young and old alike with tonnes of inspiration, colourful insights, innovative ideas and new faces.

Are you a gallery wanting to organise an exhibition, a company wanting to bring an installation, a designer wanting to present products, a group of students wanting to organise a workshop or a shop inviting an artist?

Help build the WONDER 2023 programme!

Everyone WONDER!

WONDER 2023 will take place from Thursday 19 October to Sunday 5 November 2023, from Tuesday to Sunday each time.

The festival takes a look at the future with innovative ideas from designers, artists, entrepreneurs, students, citizens... And we want to see that translated into your proposal. We focus on these creative fields: design, arts, film, music and literature. Here, optimism and positivism are central. We believe that creative minds come up with solutions to our societal challenges and want to convey this faith in the future to our visitors and thereby inspire and enthuse them.

Anyone can submit a proposal for WONDER: both as an individual, student, organisation, company, school,... both from Belgium and internationally. This can be about a project, exhibition, installation, event, workshop, activity, etc.

Ideas that are still looking for a connection with other partners can also be submitted. We encourage cooperation between different parties.

We aim for a mainly free programme (although events and workshops can be offered for a fee).

The Budafabriek will again be the main location, but we wish to include several other venues in the city centre. If you wish to participate with a location, you are responsible for that location as well as its permanence. If you do not yet have a location, this can also be specified in the registration form and we will look for your ideal spot.

WONDER addresses a very broad target group: from secondary and higher education classes, to architects and designers, from companies to policy-makers, families and interested citizens.

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Terms of condition

The following criteria are requested in the application form.


  • "Starting with the WHY" - WONDER wants to take a look at the future, how do you fill this in with your project? What themes do you address?
  • "WHO" - Your project is inspiring for different target groups;
  • "HOW" - You strive for (professional) quality both in content and in your presentation.


  • Location:
    • Or: Your expo, installation or event will take place in the centre of Kortrijk at a location you manage. You are responsible for your location.
    • Or: You have a proposal, but no location yet;
  • You confirm that you can be visited at least on weekends during the entire WONDER period, ideally from Tuesday to Sunday. During the week it can also be by appointment (target schools and professionals).
  • Scenography: The way of presenting is an important part of getting your content across to the audience in an inspiring way. You communicate how you see it filled in. We encourage sustainable use of materials here.


  • If you add an event/activity/workshop to your initiative, we consider it a great added value. In this way, we link various target groups to other initiatives.
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What do we offer you?

In 2022, the festival was able to welcome 5,000 visitors. The ambitions are to programme more content and events this year and thus attract more visitors.

Selected participants will be included in the official programme.

This means:

  • You will be included in all communication channels of WONDER by the city and Designregion Kortrijk: website, press file, flyer etc;
  • You will receive an extensive communication package;
  • Professional photos will be taken of your location and included in video material for interim videos to support communication as well as the aftermovie;
  • You will receive flyers;
  • An outdoor signage element will be offered to an external venue.

A fee is charged for participation of your expo, installation or presentation in the trail and communication.

  • For citizens and students, participation is free.
  • For organisations in the field of education, knowledge and culture (schools, galleries etc) and professional designers €300 (excl. VAT)
  • For companies €600 (excl. VAT)

For events, we look at this on a customised basis.


Deadline: Submissions can be made until Thursday 4 May 2023.

In May, the WONDER core group will meet to judge the submissions, taking into account the above participation conditions. At the end of May, it will be announced whether your project was selected.

Communication to the press will start in June (exact dates will be announced later) and the communication campaign for the festival will start in September.


WONDER's main location will be rentable by companies or associations as an inspiring setting for events, get-togethers, conferences, etc.

Contact Lisa Declercq at or 056 51 91 83


You can contact Lisa Declercq for all your questions at or 056 51 91 83.


WONDER Creativity Festival has its origins in Week van het Ontwerpen, but has been organised under the name WONDER since 2020. The organisers are Designregio Kortrijk and Stad Kortrijk, in collaboration with numerous partners such as Howest, Voka West-Vlaanderen, Intercommunale Leiedal, Kortrijk Xpo, UGent Campus Kortrijk, kunstencentrum BUDA, Wilde Westen and HangarK.

This year's design is by graphic designer Floris Hugelier for BOA Creative Studio.