OPEN CALL Commerce Design Kortrijk Award 2020

OPEN CALL Commerce Design Kortrijk Award 2020

Designregio Kortrijk is the platform for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship of the Kortrijk region. We organise projects that stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, inspire with good practices and connect a network of companies, designers, education and public space.

Thanks to its long tradition in this field, since autumn 2017 the Kortrijk region has belonged to a global network of 246 cities that use creativity as a lever for the sustainable development of their city and region: the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

It is our ambition to involve the entire region in this inspiring story, to go for it together and to encourage everyone to be part of this creative network.


"Commerce Design is an award programme that was developed in Montréal, one of the partner cities of the city of Kortrijk in the UNESCO network. Ten other cities worldwide already did it, now it is Kortrijk's turn.

The competition is aimed at traders who in recent years have invested in the architecture and commercial design of their businesses, thus making the city and its suburbs more lively, unique and attractive for both residents and visitors.

Today, we want to reward these efforts and put the spotlight on our great creative and innovative businesses and designers.


With Commerce Design Kortrijk we want to show that design-oriented or commercial adjustments to businesses not only have a positive influence on the business itself, but also on the entire neighbourhood and even on the city and region.


On 16 and 17/06/2020, a jury of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, 'experts' in urban design and retail will choose 20 nominees from the submissions.

The winners will be announced on 17/09/2020 during a press moment and the presentation of the Grand Jury Prizes at Broelkaai 6 in Kortrijk.

The Jury:

Sylvie Champeau: Advisor in management control and analysis, Bureau du Design, Montreal

Marie-Amélie Cnockaert: Designer of public spaces

Mathieu Desmet: City Architect City of Kortrijk

Cis Scherpereel: E-commerce strategist and author of The Unfair Advantage

Léonie Caurain: representative of the cross-border Design'IN project which focuses on strengthening the core of businesses in Lille, Tournai, Mons and Kortrijk


Are you one of the 20 nominees? Then the following month you will be part of the Commerce Design contest trail, a public city trail along the nominated businesses. As a nominee, you become the "Commerce Design ambassador" of your business and receive promotional and communication material to convince the general public and to compete for the People's Choice Award.

The result of the public vote will follow in October at the Biennale INTERIEUR on 29/10/2020.


During the course of the project, we will put a great deal of effort into promotion and communication. This is done, for example, via the 2 press moments, articles in the Kortrijk City Magazine, display case stickers that are given to the nominees, social media, the layout of a brochure and poster that are distributed in large numbers, a trophy, etc.

This is how we give you, your business and the designers the necessary extra visibility.


  • Do you have a shop, catering business, travel agency, laundry,...or are you a service provider,...?
  • Do you also believe in the power of design and innovation for the attractiveness and liveliness of your neighbourhood or city?
  • Have you invested in the architecture or commercial design of your business in recent years?
  • Or do you know someone who has done so?
  • Large or small project/budget? Very innovative or rather modest intervention?

Then register now for Commerce Design Kortrijk. Or share the news with others.


You can participate by:

  1. By making an account here. This way, you can modify or add to your file if necessary.
  2. Fill in the document 'open call Commerce Design Kortrijk'. This is possible until 03/06/2020.

It asks for the following:
  • A presentation of the project (max. 500 characters)
  • Add a short description and explanation of the assignment from the trader/retailer to the architect and/or designer (prescription/instructions)
  • 5 to 10 (before and after) photos + titles + copyrights (even if the project is not yet completely finished)
  • A plan of the site with images from the preliminary design + titles + copyrights (models, drawings, 3D, Moodboard, the project team...)
  • A quote or short testimonial from the owner, employees or customers about the impact of the design process

Is something unclear or are you experiencing problems? The team of Designregio Kortrijk is ready to help you.

Register now for the online info session on Monday May 4, 2020 at 5 pm. ClickHERE.