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New interior for children's shop ZOEN

Zoen sells children's clothing on the Vandaeleplein in the heart of Kortrijk and is run by Caroline Gruwez. Caroline took over the shop in 2019 and has been toying with the idea of revamping the interior ever since. The DESIGN IN SHOPS project gave her the push she needed. She was paired with interior designer Perrine Morel by Designregio Kortrijk.

Caroline went for a complete makeover. The facade, the interior and the branding of the shop were all taken in hand. Perinne designed the new layout of the shop. Caroline: "I had lots of ideas myself, but a professional thinks much more about things like sustainability or user-friendliness of materials. That is the biggest added value.

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Photos by Kattoo.


In the middle of 2019, Designregio Kortrijk and Stad Kortrijk launched the DESIGN IN SHOPS project. This unique project should encourage merchants to take a professional designer under the arm to improve the interior/architecture of their shop. The concept of DESIGN IN SHOPS comes from Montreal, a city that, just like Kortrijk, has been recognised by UNESCO as City of Design. In Kortrijk, 40 shops could participate in the project. All available places were quickly filled and in the meantime, the first 12 projects have been realised.

40 Kortrijk businesses and catering establishments participate

With DESIGN IN SHOPS, the City of Kortrijk and Designregio Kortrijk want to give colour to Kortrijk as a city of innovation and design. They want to show that design-oriented or commercial adjustments to shops not only have a positive influence on the shop itself, but also on the entire neighbourhood and even on the city and region. They make the city livelier, more unique and more attractive to both residents and visitors.

In the project, traders are encouraged to renew or rearrange their shop, improve the shop window, improve visibility or make other creative interventions together with a designer. The participating businesses are guided by Designregio Kortrijk and financially supported by the City of Kortrijk and Interreg Flanders-Wallonia-France.

Arne Vandendriessche, alderman for Economy "DESIGN IN SHOPS is a super project that offers great added value for the local Kortrijk economy. The collaboration between designers and entrepreneurs not only has a positive impact on the business and the customers, but also on the street, the neighbourhood and ultimately the entire city. Given the success of the project and the many entrepreneurs who were just too late to be among the 40 lucky ones, we are looking to extend DESIGN IN SHOPS."

Stijn Debaillie, coordinator Designregio Kortrijk "Our goal for the region is to stimulate creativity and innovation as much as possible and spread the success stories. Design in Shops is a perfect example of this. Retailers notice a clear added value in the cooperation with a designer and thus encourage others to take action."

Gudrun Bekaert, Descaplant "A new wind through the shop with a new fresh logo and contemporary playful design. It is very pleasant for the customer as well as for us and our team to be here and work. We feel that even after this renovation a 'new' clientele will arrive, but that our existing customers also really appreciate the renovation. The shop is fresher, seems more spacious and lighter. Participation in DESIGN IN SHOPS was an absolute hit for us."