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Memento Word Festival opens at the KIOSK with Polly Huyghe

On March 15, 16 and 17, the Kortrijk Public Library will again organize the word art festival Memento. Memento brings together artists, cultural players, bookstores and readers around the theme of "play. And you can discover that right now in the KIOSK! Creative Polly Huyghe created a colorful universe there.

Astrid Haerens is typesetter of Kortrijk and curator of the Memento Festival. With the theme "play," Astrid wants to explore what play means in our lives and in our society. Together with various writers, artists, city dwellers and people from the region, the festival engages in a conversation about play, imagination, entanglement and fun.

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Installation Polly Huyghe

Polly Huyghe (°2002) grew up in an artistic circle and soon found a creative outlet in music and ceramics. Her illustrations and ceramic objects, whether beach balls or trumpets, effortlessly take you into her playful, image-rich universe. This year, she palms the KIOSK with a playful installation. By looking inside the kiosk, visitors can search for all possible meanings of the word play. She turns proverbs, sayings and other sayings about play into colorful objects. The KIOSK thus becomes a giant crossword, a cryptogram in 3D. With figures made of papier-mâché that are sometimes suspended, sometimes lying on the ground for grabbing, she creates the atmosphere of a fairground grabbing machine, a glass box full of toys.

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Program highlights

Quartet = (Word X Image)² in 4n20 and in MAST

Discover in gallery MAST and gallery 4n20 the result of the unique game Quartet, in which four quartets of visual and word artists collected various materials and fused them into new works. Led by COUPEE collage collective, this project provides a platform for Belgian collage art, bringing together artists, exhibitions and more.

Maika Garnica : "She Shells.

Maika Garnica introduces you to her artful approach to sound with clay at her expo. Her ceramic sound sculptures use water and air to create a unique sound. Especially for the Memento Festival, Maika makes her mother's voice sound through shell-like ceramic speakers, like a child hearing the sea inside a large shell. Her work plays with simplicity and vibration, where sound transcends form.

Tony Coopman: expo

At Tony Coopman's expo, you will discover his poetic view of the world, where he finds beauty in the smallest things like boulders, iron pieces and twigs. In his studio, he explores and manipulates the finds with subtle interventions. Tony sculpts everyday objects and toys into works of art, introducing you to his quirky universe.

Kwartet Tony Coopman Maika Garnica

Bram Felix & Frédéric Deschamps: expo-performances

At the Memento Festival, Frédéric Deschamps and Bram Felix showcase an expo-performance where spectators provide words that Frédéric transforms into snippets of a fresh poem, presented as folding forms that in turn become installations. Sound artist and composer Bram Felix provides a unique experience with soundscapes that transport you to a new nervous state.

Bilblabo with Vicky Bogaert

A free walk-in workshop where the MaakBib is transformed into a WonderMaakBib. Discover with Vicky Bogaert how artists create art through play and get to work yourself. Put on your apron and let your creativity run wild with various assignments, on your way to your own work of art!

Maria Barnas & Sarah Lauwers in conversation with Persis Bekkering

Persis Bekkering interviews festival ambassador Maria Barnas and artist Sarah Lauwers. They both explore how art and literature go together. Maria Barnas is not only a poet and writer, but also a visual artist and festival ambassador for Memento Festival. Sarah Lauwers has a background in Free Arts and uses a variety of techniques, such as digital space and audiovisual collages, to explore themes of meaning-making, wonder and vulnerability. Tickets are available at: https://www.mementowoordfestiv...

Bram Felix Frederic Deschamps Vikcy Bogaert Persis Bekkering