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Kortrijk Creative City Tour - edition 3

Toerisme Kortrijk and Designregio Kortrijk developed a walking route for the 3rd time which takes you along six creative neighbourhoods with unique landmarks, shops, catering establishments and events in the city centre of Kortrijk. The walk was developed on the occasion of WONDER, Kortrijk Creativity Festival from 15 October to 14 November, and shows once again why Kortrijk is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

6 km along 6 creative neighbourhoods

Discover creative Kortrijk and let yourself be led via the Buda Island, the Leieboorden & Overleie, Kortrijk Weide, the Muzieksite & Station, Kortrijk Centrum to the Plein. You will get to know landmarks such as Broelkaai 6, the Penta and the Level, the Music Centre, ... In addition to these creative places, you will also be treated to a selection of stimulating catering establishments and shops along or on the route. Do you really want to immerse yourself in creative Kortrijk? Choose your moment to visit Kortrijk based on some of the events that have already been confirmed.

The walk passes 30 creative and culinary hotspots that showcase our long tradition of creativity, design and craftsmanship. From Texture that shows how Kortrijk was an innovative pioneer in the heyday of the flax industry along the co-creation hubs Budafabriek and Hangar K to the colleges Penta and The Level that house the best gaming school in the world. The walk shows why we have been included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network since 2017.

Ruth Vandenberghe, mayor
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Combine a visit to one of Kortrijk's creative events with the Kortrijk Creative City Tour for a day-filling programme in the city. The tour is available in 4 languages. There is a Dutch-French and an English-German version available. The Kortrijk Creative City Tour is also on offer from the Kortrijk guide associations. They offer their version of the tour for groups who come to visit our creative city.

The brochure with the route can be picked up for free at Tourism Kortrijk.

This walk will lead you past all the creative hotspots in Kortrijk and will show you why Kortrijk is so bustling and attractive to creative people from all sectors. This walk can best be combined with one of the creative events that are coming up in the coming weeks and months. Wonder has just started and NEXT Festival is also coming up soon. Later this year, we will bring plenty of atmosphere and cosiness to the city centre with the many lights during Winter in Kortrijk. And next year we have children's festival Spinrag and Word festival Memento. We will also be using city marketing to lure added-value seekers to Kortrijk in the coming months.

Arne Vandendriessche, Alderman for Economy
Kortrijk Creativity Festival

Besides the Kortrijk Creative City Tour, there is a lot to experience during WONDER, the Kortrijk Creativity Festival. For a whole month, the Van Marcke site will be the creative discovery spot for designers, entrepreneurs, students, children and inhabitants. Various exhibitions and installations cast a glance at the next generation in creativity, design, innovation, food, art & business. You can find the full programme on

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