Non Moodshop LR

Colourful facade for NON moodshop

The fourth realised project within DESIGN IN SHOPS.

NON Moodshop is a shop and 'meeting place' for everyone. The name, fitting the street (Grijze Zusterstraat), is used as a guideline in the shop. Faith is combined with rock icons in their self-printed clothing and accessories (alongside their extensive other collections).

NON Moodshop used the DESIGN IN SHOPS project to tackle their facade. The façade consisted of 3 parts (3 houses next to each other) that did not clearly hang together. NON was linked to the designers of Studio Les Canailles from Lille. Diane and Jérémie of Studio Les Canailles are known for their colourful illustrations, which they translated on the façade this time. The result is a beautiful facade painting that not only gives the building a lot of spirit and fun, but also ensures that the three parts are now perceived as one by passers-by.

With DESIGN IN SHOPS, the city of Kortrijk and Designregio Kortrijk want to give colour to Kortrijk as a city of innovation and design. In the project, merchants are encouraged to renew or rearrange their shop, better furnish the display window, improve visibility or carry out other creative interventions together with a designer. Each participating merchant receives a grant as financial support from the City of Kortrijk and Interreg. This project is a concrete result of the fact that the city of Kortrijk is a member of the Unesco Creative Cities Network thanks to our close ties with the cities of Detroit and Montréal. Forty Kortrijk traders or hospitality businesses will be supported financially and encouraged to call on the services of a designer. After a selection by a jury, the shopkeeper is introduced to three international designers. Twenty businesses have already been linked to a designer and are carrying out the necessary work.

Facade painted by De Ververij.
Photo by Kattoo.