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Howest design courses in the spotlight in KIOSK

From 22 March to 4 April 2023, you can discover a brand new installation by Howest in the KIOSK. With this action, the university college with several campuses in Kortrijk wants to put its creative design courses - literally - in the spotlight.

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Design courses in the picture

With Digital Design and Development (Devine) and Industrial Product Design (IPO), Howest already had two strong design-oriented programmes in Kortrijk. On The Penta campus at Kortrijk Weide, a third bachelor's programme will be added with Built Environment from September 2023. Each of these programmes is featured extensively on Howest's brand-new website and has its own brochure. Last Saturday, the first Howest info day took place. With the KIOSK of Designregio Kortrijk, another initiative will be added from 22 March to 4 April.

Sparked by a mix of film and images

For a fortnight, the three design courses offered by Howest in Kortrijk (Digital Design, Product Design and Circular City Design) jointly palmed the KIOSK. The main aim is to raise the profile of Howest's creative design courses. To this end, they choose a digital installation in which film and images translate the dynamic and future-oriented character of the courses. In this way, passers-by are stimulated to get a taste of the creative design courses in the region. With this campaign, Howest is obviously targeting young people and potential students, but also their parents.

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