Expertendag futureproof ondernemen

Expert day design: futureproof entrepreneurship

On Thursday 3 November, Flanders DC in collaboration with Designregio Kortrijk will organise a design expert day in Kortrijk for designers and companies from the design sector who have been active for at least three years.

We invite 6 speakers on inclusive communication, sustainability, authentic leadership, artificial intelligence and immersive design.

During this Expert Day, we will delve deeper into all your questions around futureproof business. How will social trends influence tomorrow's design practice? How can you communicate more inclusively and reach a larger target group? How do you best tackle sustainability in your company? How can you fully embrace authentic leadership? How can you use AI in design and what are the opportunities of immersive design? At the end of the day, you will go home with fresh insights, useful tips and useful contacts.

We start the day with a session on future thinking, which continues in plenary session. When registering, you choose which experts you would like to sit on the sofa in a small group. You can also indicate whether you would like a 1-on-1 conversation with one of them. We provide a personalised schedule for the day, taking your preferences into account as much as possible so that you can get the most out of the day. In the afternoon, we will join you for lunch and at the end of the day there will be a closing networking drink at the WONDER Creativity Festival.

A ticket costs 120 euros (excl. VAT) including lunch and closing drink.

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This is an event for growing and mature companies in the design sector (designers, product developers, design agencies, graphic designers, service designers,...): we expect you to have been active for at least three years.

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The day will be introduced by a plenary session:

Future Thinking - Kate Stockman

What challenges do we face? How do we as humans respond to them and what is the role of the new generation in this? Kate Stockman is a successful and experienced brand and business strategist, futures researcher and innovation coach. She leads strategy workshops and creative brainstorming sessions and helps both brands and companies (such as Tomorrowland, The Woody Group, Bpost and Coca-Cola) to see their blind spots and bet on sustainable, realistic growth. Kate will also elaborate on some disruptive and hopeful initiatives in this session. You will learn to understand what is happening today (and why), so you can better prepare for a transformational future. Kate is available for a 1-on-1 discussion.

You can choose from the following themes and experts:

Inclusive communication - Sana Sellami

An increasingly diverse society challenges us, prompting a change in communication. How do you ensure that the largest possible group feels addressed? That no one feels excluded? And in what way do you connect with that broad target group, both in your company and outside? Inclusive communication is the answer. Sana Sellami is a sociologist and communication strategist. She built up expertise within the field of diversity and inclusion, and guides organisations and brands in employer branding and other communications. In this session, you will gain inspiration to make your communication more inclusive. Sana Sellami is also available for a 1-on-1 discussion.

Positive impact and sustainability - Daphne De Wit (Statik)

Some 40 Belgian companies currently carry the B-corplabel, an internationally recognised sustainability label. What exactly does this entail? How long does such a process take and how do you start with sustainability communication? Digital agency Statik has been a B Corp since 2021, meaning that business as a force for good is part of its DNA. Positive impact can take many forms: from work happiness, inclusion and footprint calculation to communication, transformation and inspiration. As a sustainability coordinator with a background in communications, Daphne De Wit loves spreading the sustainability story of Statik and its clients in an accessible and inspiring way. Daphne De Wit is also available for a 1-on-1 interview.

Leadership in transition - Hans Hoegaerts

'Futureproof' goes hand in hand with change and leadership. Change in itself is not that complicated, transition on the other hand is tough. How do these concepts translate from the perspective of your leadership? In what way can you, from your authentic leadership, lead transition? Hans Hoegaerts is a holistic coach who focuses on strengthening leadership by touching the themes of identity, freedom and aliveness in leaders and teams. He specialises in making visible and transforming patterns, beliefs and physical tensions that hold you back from fully engaging with these themes. Based on your questions, Hans will discuss tips, tricks and perspectives and shed light on your archetype as a leader. Hans Hoegaerts is also available for a 1-on-1 discussion.

Possibilities of AI - Thomas Valcke (Creax)

Artificial intelligence has also entered the design world. How is it already being applied within design? Where are the opportunities for the future? Thomas Valcke is lead designer at Creax, exploring the possibilities of product design and future thinking. One of his many mottos here is: Run with the machines, not against them. In doing so, he looks for new technologies and ways to inspire. In this session, you will discover the wondrous applications of AI in relation to product development, service design and graphic design. Thomas Valcke is also available for a 1-on-1 discussion.

Immersive design - Frédérique Malbrancke (Create)

The digital world is no longer limited to the many screens we have around us and with us. New techniques allow the creation of environments in which visitors literally enter or influence the digital world themselves. In other words, they are immersed in a total experience. Fréderique Malbrancke is one of the founders and artistic director of where he leads a team of artists, designers and developers. Both the choice of technology(ies), story, tone of voice and visual style play a major role in the success of the experiences created. Frédérique Malbrancke is also available for a 1-on-1 interview.

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