Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2020

Designers in Residence Kortrijk 2020

Even in challenging times, we need inspiration for the future.
Design region Kortrijk welcomes recently graduated international designers from various creative disciplines for the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme.

During a 3-month residency (November to January 2020), the designers will have the unique opportunity to develop an experimental concept.
This year's theme is: The future of urban leisure.
This edition deals with a broad subject and invites to reflect on the future urban condition. At the same time, we are looking for small-scale interventions, prototypes and experiments. To support this we provide a living lab condition in existing but empty buildings and shops in the city centre.

Our 3 international designers are:

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Emilie Froelich

Emilie Froelich is a French architect. In 2017, she co-founded "figures vives", an experimental platform with 13 newly graduated fellow students. In this context, she explores the interactions between the body and space, as a combination of material and immaterial layers. She is currently based in Almería and Strasbourg and collaborates with La casa Amarilla en Semper Vera.

Jadd Hallaj
Syrien / Americain

Jadd Hallaj is a Syrian-American architect currently living in Paris.
By merging heritage and design, he aims to help preserve and create context-relevant spaces that are anchored in sustainable social practices at all scales of an area. Local design networks such as DESIGNREGIO KORTRIJK can contribute to the development of urban systems by promoting new modes of production or integrating marginalised communities into a holistic design process. He aims to one day be able to develop such networks in Syria and the region.

Elena Falomo
London / Berlin / Italy

Elena is a kind of kerberos: the heads of a designer, an engineer and an artist share the same body. In her practice she mixes art, activism, code and physical computing to create speculative probes and hyperbolic products. She addresses feminism, digital rights, open software and open culture through her work. Her interests led her to establish a number of artistic collectives to address pressing contemporary issues. She is also a passionate lecturer at universities across Europe.

Elena studied at Politecnico di Torino -Turin is, like Kortrijk, UNESCO Creative City of Design- and at the Royal College of Art London.

Are you interested in meeting the designers during their residency, or would you like more information? Please contact Lise Van Tendeloo.