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Complete furnishing of an existing shop premises

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“with Cool Electro Cycleswe already had five shops in West Flanders”, says Christophe. "When we wanted to open a shop in Kortrijk, the city council gave me information about Design in Shops. Normally, we take care of the interior design ourselves and keep it fairly low-budget, but we decided to go for it anyway. Designregio Kortrijk linked us to design agency Axiome from Bergen, that could provide great references."

Creating a fresh, modern look that also fits in with the five existing shops was the challenge. "We use a lot of natural elements in all our shops. With stones, bark, a piece of cobblestone, ... we present the bikes in the environment in which they will be used. Vincent, the designer, went to another shop. In his design, he took account of the recognisability, but at the same time provided a subtle refreshment and a more modern look."

"The added value of an interior designer is that they have a different perspective," Christophe believes. "Vincent took into account the advantages and disadvantages of the building. For example, it seemed obvious to us to install the cash register at the front of the shop, but he suggested to place it in the middle of the shop, under the skylight. A lot of natural light comes in there. A beautiful picture of nature was put on the walls, so that you always have something to look at when you're waiting."


Of course, a designer also has a fine eye for detail. "For example, Vincent encouraged us to invest in good lighting. Afterwards we are very happy with that, because the effect on the presentation of our bicycles is very great. He also found a great solution for the integration of radiators in the showroom, in the form of wooden wall elements that blend into the whole. And not unimportant: it was Vincent's idea to remove a wall at the back of the building and to create an extra passage to the workshop. We didn't do it ourselves because of the costs, but in retrospect we would certainly have regretted it," Christophe says.

The interaction during the design process went smoothly. "Vincent is a designer with both feet firmly on the ground. He certainly succeeded in finding a balance between the aesthetic and the practical side. The end result was of course more expensive than if we had done the design and implementation ourselves, but it is 100% worth it. The feedback has been very positive. 'You have raised the bar even higher', we hear from our customers." At Cool Electro Cycles themselves, they are also very satisfied. "If we open another business, we will definitely work with Axioma again. Their added value is well worth the money," concludes Christophe.

Curious about what a designer can do for your business? Contact the DESIGN IN SHOPS project manager without obligation, Sébastien Hylebos.

The DESIGN IN SHOPS project is a concrete result of the membership of the city and region of Kortrijk in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This project encourages cooperation between traders in city centres and professional designers. The project is implemented by Designregio Kortrijk and financed by the city of Kortrijk and Interreg Flanders-Wallonia-France. Forty Kortrijk traders or hospitality businesses will be supported financially and encouraged to call on the services of a designer. After being selected by a jury, the shopkeeper will be introduced to three international designers. More than twenty businesses have already been linked to a designer and are carrying out the necessary work.

Photo by Kattoo.