Trans-regional project for innovation and promotion of design - II

The ambition of the "Transregional project for innovation and promotion of design-II" is to make this region a model for SMEs who want to become more competitive in new markets and who want to achieve this goal by using design resources.

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Our main challenges are:

- To emphasise the integration of design elements as a lever for value creation in companies, as design is too often reduced to an aesthetic element,

- To assist companies in the valorisation (ROI) of their investments in design,

- Promoting cross-border cooperation and meetings between companies (and researchers) and designers with a view to higher value creation,

- Develop and disseminate an effective guidance methodology based on shared resources, even though our design practices are different.

The TRIPOD II project aims to provide a pertinent and efficient answer to the previously defined needs and to successfully address cross-border challenges. Therefore, it focuses on the two essential parties of any design project:

- companies and start-ups, especially SMEs with medium to high growth potential

- the designers (freelancers or agencies) who with their expertise and know-how set up and implement innovative design projects.

Within this project, Designregio Kortrijk tackles locations in public space in an original way in cooperation with companies and designers according to the 5x5-principe and this within the broad region of Kortrijk.

This project is carried out in cooperation with cross-border partners in order to optimise the exchange of expertise and know-how.

Partners: Lille Design (FR, lead partner), Aditec Pas-de-Calais (FR), CCI Grand Lille (FR), Ruches d'entreprises Nord de France (FR), Designregion Kortrijk (VL), Flanders Inshape (VL), Design Innovation (WA), Progress/Maison du Design (WA), IDETA (WA), Héracles (WA), Wallonie Design (WA)

Associated partners: Université de Mons (WA), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Douai - Incubateur APUI (FR).

The project starts on 1 October 2016 and runs until 30/09/2020.

The management of these activities takes place in regular consultation with the operators of other projects within the GoToS3 portfolio.

This project is realised "Avec le soutien du Fonds européen de développement régional - With the support of the European Regional Development Fund" - Interreg V France-Wallonie-Vlaanderen.

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