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Z33 toont Cornershop of Daydreams

On 1 April, the doors of Z33 - Huis voor Actuele Kunst, Design & Architectuur in Hasselt reopen with four new exhibitions. One of them - Cornershop of Daydreams - will show the work of Designers in Residence Kortrijk in collaboration with Designregio Kortrijk. In it, three designers Ila Colley, Metincan Güzel and Yun-Chu Liang present their research on daydreams, which they developed during their Kortrijk stay.

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Every year since 2014, Designregio Kortrijk has invited recently graduated designers from different creative disciplines to the Designers in Residence Kortrijk programme. During a 3-month residency, the selected designers get the unique opportunity to develop an experimental concept, through confrontation between citizens, society, entrepreneurs and education in regions like Kortrijk.

The final residents' research into daydreaming resulted in the Cornershop of Daydreams, an agency that provides the setting for collective dreaming moments. The designers thus explore how daydreams can disrupt everyday life, and how this agency can lead to fantasy and speculation.

The various aspects the designers explored during their residency
in Kortrijk between September and December 2022 will now be exhibited together in Hasselt:

With this collaboration between Designregio Kortrijk and Z33, both organisations want to support young promising talent in both developing and exhibiting their work.

Want to be the first to discover the new exhibitions? Then register now for the opening night on Saturday 1 April at 19h30.

Cornershop of Daydreams - artists: Ila Colley, Metincan Güzel, Yun-Chu Liang

The three other exhibitions, all running until 4 June:

River of Rebirth

Rivers have traditionally been a source of stories. The constantly flowing water symbolises infinity as well as transience. The artists in River of Rebirth are inspired by the many stories about water. They show the multifaceted meanings of water as a cultural source.

Artists: Martin Belou, Thierry De Cordier, Mary Beth Edelson, Maika Garnica, Roni Horn, Lennart Lahuis, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Michèle Matyn, Aimée Parrott, Laure Prouvost, Jennifer Tee, Benjamin Verdonck, Cecilia Vicuña, Jessica Warboys, Mickey Yang, Jongsuk Yoon, Zhang Xu Zhan

Healing Water

In our hectic existence, people seek mental peace and meaning in abundance. Healing Water focuses on the healing power of water. The artists and designers in this exhibition respond to the remarkable properties of water. They design new rituals, installations for stillness, objects for meaning and healing projects.

Artists and designers: Elizabeth Ogilvie, Juul Hagemeier, Katharina Sook Wilting, Moon Seop Seo, Nanno Simonis , Pepe Valenti, Sep Verboom, Thibeau Scarcériaux, Valentine Maurice.

FORMAT 2023 - water expeditions

Every day we use and consume water without thinking. We do not sufficiently appreciate the precious commodity that flows from our taps. In FORMAT 2023, a new batch of designers and architects present refreshing insights into our interactions with water. Join them as they explore new water worlds that explore and redesign our relationships with water.

Artists: Level Zéro Atelier - Mathias Vincent-Palazzi & Thomas Viers, The Ironing Board - Marta Ríos & Miguel Parrrra, Maud Gerard, Juul Prinsen, Kurina Sohn, Sofie Deckers, Forever Orbit - Lore Janssens & Joram De Cocker.

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The Future of the Daily

The Designers

Yun-Chu Liang
Yun focuses on incubating space by recording and interpreting perceptional experiences in daily life. By analyzing urban context, environmental history, and human behaviour, she works with sound and space to explore our experiences built through the senses. After architect training, Yun graduated from the Master’s program in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her projects span architecture, community building, installation, sound design, and Virtual Reality. In 2022, she started a journey to explore care in everyday life by engaging in the local community with listening sessions.

Metincan Güzel
is an architect and artist who is interested in the production of public spaces and queer stories in the diaspora. He often works with urban interventions and temporary installations, which host a series of public events. His previous research includes Istanbul’s unregistered economy, street vendors and stray animals. His current research, Magical Nature of Diasporic Spaces, focuses on the Turkish diaspora in the Netherlands and offers an alternative reading on ‘Turkish Streets’ from queer phenomenology.

Ila Colley
Ila is a Cumbrian artist, architect and writer. Her practice probes sociopolitical concerns in our shared inhabitation of space through investigative texts, drawings, sculptures and installations. Her narrative-led provocations are highly contextual, combining fieldwork with research and hands-on experimentation. Ila is interested in the spatial conditions that enable communities to form at an intersection of struggles, including patterns of reproductive and reparative labours. She graduated from the MA programme Political Architecture: Critical Sustainability at the Royal Danish Academy in 2020. Her written and visual work has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies.