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World Design Street Festival in Kortrijk

In October 2017, the European metropolis of Lille (MEL) was awarded "World Design Capital" for the year 2020, following in the footsteps of prestigious cities such as Turin, Seoul, Helsinki, Cape Town, Taipei and Mexico City. This title is awarded every two years by the World Design Organisation in recognition of a city or metropolis' innovative use of design to enhance its economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

For a whole year, numerous exhibitions, events, courses, meetings, workshops and festivals are organised. And not only in Lille, but also in the partner cities Lambersart, Roubaix and Kortrijk!

The festivities kick off with the World Design Street Festival, 7 and 8 December during the kick-off weekend in the 4 cities.

Kortrijk is highlighting its assets as a creative city on the Leie. Visitors can follow the Kortrijk Creative City Tour. A 6.5 km long walking route leads you along 6 creative neighbourhoods with unique landmarks, shops, catering and events in the city centre of Kortrijk. The walk shows again why Kortrijk is part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. On the route, visitors will come across the following creative hotspots:

  • Broelkaai 6: this 18th-century patrician's house is home to many creative organisations: Buda vzw, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Designregio Kortrijk and Streekfonds. During this weekend you can visit part of the Landscapes 2.0 exhibition here.
  • Budafabriek & Open Makerspace BUDA::lab: The Budafabriek will be the 'factory of the future', where designers, artists, students and entrepreneurs sit together.
  • Texture: Museum about Lys and flax in the former flax plant. Be sure to check out their temporary exhibition "Textiles in Resistance".
  • Kortrijk Weide: Kortrijk Weide is a new part of town with a mishmash of buildings, activities and ages. Attractions include the new swimming pool, the beautiful event hall Depart and the Urban Sports Park, the co-creation hub Hangar K and The Level; the internationally renowned gaming school.
  • Wild West: The renewed music site (2017) is the musical heart of the city. Put your ear to the ground in the "Sounding City 2019", a unique combination of graphic art, sound and music.
  • Theoria: Independent bookshop with a very wide range of known and less known titles in a beautiful historic building. Also open on Sundays.
  • K-Totem: The place to be for graphic talent from the region. Every quarter you can discover the work of a different illustrator or graphic designer. By Designregio Kortrijk. Now you can discover the work of Louis Heeren.
  • Kiosk: In this glass box of Designregio Kortrijk, a new presentation is developed every month by a regional company in collaboration with a designer.
  • De Stroate: De Stroate is aimed at young people with a heart for hip-hop.
  • 1302: In the Begijnhofpark you will find the 1302 museum about the historical Battle of the Golden Spurs. You will also find a part of the temporary exhibition Landscapes 2.0.
  • Interior House: Check out the work of Designer of the Year 2019 Linde Freya Tangelder here.

You can pick up the Kortrijk Creative City Tour at Tourism Kortrijk or at all the above locations. Follow the tour on the instagram page @kortrijkcreativecitytour and share your experiences!

Check out the full programme of the kick-off weekend HERE!