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Project call DURF2030: Dare to care

How do we bring care for each other and our planet closer together?

Dare to care

The coronavirus, the floods this summer, the forest fires in Europe, ... It has brought us down to earth. We are not above nature, we are part of it. It is time to deal with nature differently and to behave as part of nature.

When we consider all living beings and organisms in nature as our relations, we will function better within the ecological team that we form together. Actually, our relationship with the non-human world works in a similar way to our relationship with humans.

The central question of this project call is: "How do we care for people and nature based on connection and empathy? And what role can art and creativity play in this?"

Through the DURFFONDS you can apply for a maximum of €10,000 for your project. You can also raise extra funds by setting up a Growfunding campaign. This is intensively supervised by Growfunding and DURF2030. The total budget that DURF2030 has set aside for this call is 30,000€.

The deadline for submitting projects is 30 November 2021.

Which projects qualify?

Your project focuses on both care for people and nature. Or you bring both, people and nature, closer together.

You use art or creativity as a tool. This can range from a different, more creative way of thinking to involving artists in your project.

You search (whether or not together with DURF2030) for partners, of which at least one is a professional organisation, to help realise your project. We only select projects that focus on cross-sectoral cooperation.

Your project takes place in the South-West Flanders region.

Who can submit a project?

Organisations, associations or individuals who can develop and realise a project themselves. DURF2030 can provide communicative support and help find partners, but you and your partners are responsible for the actual realisation of the project.

How to submit a project?

Step 1: You have an idea, but it is still vague or you are alone? Register for a DURF Coffee or Apéro and present your idea to a few people from the DURF network. You will receive immediate feedback which you can use to refine your idea.

Step 2: Your project is completely worked out (timing, budget, approach)? Have you found the right partners and set up the right cooperation? Submit your project until 30 November 2021 using this form. A jury will assess the project's eligibility on the basis of your proposal.

Step 3: You will hear whether your project has been selected by 13 December 2021.

Step 4: Would you like to raise more budget with your project through a Growfunding campaign? To do this, you will follow 2 workshops of 3 hours at Growfunding. The dates will be determined in function of your project timing. This is completely free, but mandatory if you want to raise extra funds through Growfunding.

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