Praktijkworkshop composietmaterialen met vioolbouwer Tim Duerinck

Practical workshop composite materials with violin maker Tim Duerinck

During a two-part hands-on workshop, you will get to work with composite materials yourself. Don't worry, researcher and violin maker Tim Duerinck will guide you during these experiments with flax composite. Together you will follow a fascinating course, on the boundary between craft and technology.

Tim Duerinck is not a classical violin maker. He has been looking for new materials and forms to build unique musical instruments. Currently, during a residency in Texture, Tim is building a cello in flax composite. Until the end of February you can see him at work every week in the TEXLAB of the museum. Watching him at work might make you want to start working with composite materials yourself. This is possible, during a two-part hands-on workshop, under Tim's expert guidance.

The first workshop takes place in Budalab on Wednesday 24 November 2021. The second workshop will be held in Texture on Wednesday 1 December 2021. So you can also get to know these two studios in Kortrijk. You register for both workshops together.

You work with pre-made moulds, in which you put flax fibre and then treat it with epoxy. On top of that, you get an explanation of the concepts and advantages of the materials, the do's and don'ts, but also practical facts, tips and tricks.

The workshops are aimed at anyone who wants to work with composite, anyone who is interested in new materials and wants to get to work with (flax) composite in a practical way: makers, designers, craftsmen, students, interested parties, ... In short, anyone who wants to experiment with these new materials and learn about their possibilities.


Practical workshop composite materials with violin maker Tim Duerinck

Wednesday 24 November 2021 in Budalab and Wednesday 1 December 2021 in Texture, each time between 18:30 and 21:00

ATTENTION: the two sessions take place at two different locations

€ 50 (all materials included)

maximum 10 participants

Tim duerinck