LZSB Outdoor Office D Ay 31

#OutdoorOfficeDay op 13 juni 2024

🌿 Join #OutdoorOfficeDay on 13 June 2024! On Thursday 13 June, people from all over the world will participate in Outdoor Office Day. We also invite everyone to start using the urban green space in your neighbourhood as a 'workplace' for part or all of the day then!

The Nelson Mandela Park, that's where you can spend the whole working day on 13 June!

Will you also take your work to the green? Because when the sun is shining, why stay inside? Join us at Nelson Mandela Park, where we will provide an inspiring workplace, stimulating background music, shaded areas, coffee and a refreshing treat. Whether you work from home, are a self-employed entrepreneur or an executive at a large company, #OutdoorOfficeDay is for everyone. Schedule a meeting, brainstorming session, or anything else, and experience for yourself how working outdoors can increase your productivity and creativity.

Be sure to participate in Outdoor Office Day, feel free to drop by and don't forget to sharephotos with the hashtags #OutdoorOfficeDayKortrijk and #OutdoorOfficeDay. If you also want to put up a poster in your office or communicate about the initiative, please contact us at the e-mail address lise@designregio-kortrijk.be.

Now hope for nice weather!

See you on the 13th!

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