Nominaties Textirama Foundation Award

The Textirama foundation finances innovative projects in the textile industry. Also this year, they will reward 3 winners in two categories, for Concept and Take-Off projects. There are 9 candidates nominated for the prestigious Textirama Foundation Innovation Awards.

Nominations 2021 What a year we have had! Bumpy, confrontational, unpleasant,... But also innovative and challenging at times. Borders were broken, new digital horizons were explored. Improvisation and agility became crucial skills. Are you equally curious about the effect of the pandemic on innovations in textiles? Then you are not alone!

On 16 December, our five-headed, independent jury examined the projects submitted.
"The variety of the projects was impressive," says a satisfied chairman after a long day of evaluations. "But the jury was unanimous on the scores," it sounds in unison.
Textirama Foundation received a total of 27 dossiers, 17 of which for the Take-off award. There was particular attention for circular entrepreneurship, sustainability, but also - how could it be otherwise - for digitalisation.

The nominees in two categories
(in random order):
In the TAKE OFF category (innovations that can already present a proof of concept):
-Bart Proot (SHELLS & SKINS),
-Sharon Strynckx (TONICKX),
-Samira Lafkioui and Wim Vanroose (POLYGONAL),
-AnnaMariaCornelia De Gersem (BEKAERT DESLEE)

In the CONCEPT category (ideas and concepts still to be explored):
-Juliette Berthonneau,
-Manon De Cuyper and Pjotr Vandierendock,
-Dumortier Thomas (VERILIN),
-Florens Denys, Tristan Ryckaert and Stef Crols (TEAM TILUP)