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Designregio Innovation Case: altitude hotel Monte Marcella x Pars Pro Toto

Monte Marcella, an exclusive sports resort that caters to athletes, where all the facilities are available for training and also for "altitude training" in Belgium as an athlete.


The challenge

How can you add value to an old farmstead? That was the central question with which Chris Mullie set to work. His goal was to transform the old farmstead into a new, sought-after destination that would not only be economically profitable, but would also add value to its surroundings. For this challenging project, Chris looked for partners with a creative slant who were familiar with service design while serving as sparring partners throughout the process. We looked for the right creative match to guide this venture. Wim Van den Hende of Pars Pro Toto accepted the challenge.

Pars Pro Toto

Pars Pro Toto is a full-service design firm with more than 25 years of experience, making it an established name in the industry. Despite their extensive knowledge, this project was a unique opportunity to which Wim Van den Hende was happy to contribute his expertise.

Pars Pro Toto assisted Chris in this project from the beginning, not only providing creative input, but also checking feasibility and contacting different target groups. They took full charge of the service design process, from initial concept to conceptual development. Wim served as a constant sparring partner throughout the process, with a specific focus on innovative strategies.

The outcome: Monte Marcella

Monte Marcella offers a unique opportunity to live and train like a professional athlete, with the resort offering customizable altitude settings from 0m to 4500m. This allows you to experience the challenges and benefits of altitude training in the same way as professional athletes, not only in the bedrooms, but also in other facilities. Discover a plethora of training and relaxation options, specially designed to appeal to the sporting adventurer and family alike. Experience the luxury of absolute privacy, premium facilities and a warm, homey atmosphere that combine to create an unforgettable experience. Find out more about our training, recovery and fun facilities on the website.