Memento Kiosk 2020

KIOSK omgebouwd tot MEMENTO lab

In the period from 21 February to March 2020, the Kiosk swings its doors open as the Memento Lab during the Memento Word festival. A place of residence where a batch of young, rising word artists from the Letterzetter project have the opportunity to work on their 'literary interventions'. The young talents can invite other word artists and use their creative minds to make creations around the festival theme Echo. The theme is central to the polyphony of the city of Kortrijk.

Traditionally, the host of the festival is the Letterzetter of Kortrijk. Writer Anneleen Van Offel is Letterzetter until June 2021, succeeding Jonas Bruyneel, where she took over the torch from him in 2019. As a Letterzetter, she brings word art to the city and transforms young artists into creative entrepreneurs. Word thus becomes noticeable throughout the year.

The fifth edition of the word festival will take place this year from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 March 2020, at Muziekcentrum Track, Boekenhuis Theoria, De Kreun and CVO Miras as lighthouses. For the first time, Memento collaborates with the Flemish Write Day and the Dutch festival Tilt in Tilburg.

For the Woordfestival the Kiosk will be set up for the word artists. Elien and Tom from the de Beste Kamer provided the furnishings for the Memento lab. De Beste Kamer has a preference for sustainable and innovative design. Elien and Tom also like to make room in their collection for young creative talent. The Memento lab was decorated in a trendy and homely way, so that the word artists can work in a comfortable environment.
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De Beste Kamer

Overleiestraat 3 - 8500 Kortrijk