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Kick-off Imagineering of data

South-West-Flanders are skilled designers of products and services, and that is what Leiedal and Designregion Kortrijk want to stimulate. As partners in the Interreg programme COM³, they know the value of (open) data for companies and local authorities. But how do you deal with data concretely? We offer all the inspiration you need at the online kick-off event Imagineering of Data on 12 November at 16h45.

Big data, open data, data analysis, database structures, datalakes... Anyone who is not on board as an entrepreneur will soon be outdated. Yet data can mean a lot to you. Also for local governments, which in turn can support companies. How you go about it is a challenge that Intercommunale Leiedal and Designregio Kortrijk would like to take up with you. We offer a number of companies and local authorities a one-year guidance programme by experts who think design and data, free of charge. With the COM³ project, we work hard to use data to come up with concrete products, innovative services or improved internal processes of which you did not yet know the existence or the possibilities.

The data in the word

We kick off with Imagineering of Data, a coronaproof digital inspiration moment on 12 November at 16h45. From 4.30 pm onwards, you are welcome online for handsome live keynotes by author and transformation expert Jo Caudron, lecturer and data jack-of-all-trades Johan De Gelas of Howest, and Patrick Reyntjens of GEOxyz, a global player specialising in hydrographic and topographical research. Kris Dekeyzer of Leiedal will conclude with an explanation of the COM³ project.

The number of participants is unlimited. You do have to register.

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