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Hallo Innovatie episode 3

The third episode of our podcast 'Hallo Innovatie' is online!

In this episode, we talk to Jurgen Snaet who has over 20 years of experience at Dovy Keukens and Roel Vandebeek who has been running his own product design studio for quite some time. Together they have developed a new unique handle through the 5X5® innovation process. This handle can count on enthusiastic reactions from customers and puts Dovy on the map as a trendsetter.

Listen to the podcast via www.halloinnovatie.be or find it via your favourite podcast app!

Hello Innovation is a podcast of honest stories about the search for successful innovation, together with Voka West-Vlaanderen and Leap Forward. In each episode, we talk to a designer and a leader of various West Flemish companies. They talk candidly about their experiences with innovation.