Flanders DC organises Webinar on AR and metaverse for fashion and design

Put 9 May in your diary, because that's when Flanders DC / for Design will organise the free webinar on AR and metaverse for fashion and design from 10-11am. Speakers Bas Gezelle, Kurt Callewaert, Shane Deconinck and Jonathan Maes will elaborate on the technologies Augmented Reality (AR) and metaverse.


They show the potential impact and opportunities for the fashion and design sector using concrete examples. After a general introduction of the technologies an sich, they let experience experts speak who also explain the business potential per application, with a strong focus on experience and retail.

For whom?

For designers, entrepreneurs and companies in design or fashion who want to explore how these innovative technologies can contribute to their business, as well as for e-commerce specialists, marketers and communication agencies who want to implement these applications. No prior knowledge is required, the webinar is open to everyone!


First to speak is Bas Gezelle, one of the owners and strategy lead of AR agency PLAYAR. They develop augmented reality experiences for brands across all social media platforms and on the web. From shops getting an immersive experience, trying on virtual fashion to other products coming to life virtually.

Valorisation manager Digital Transformation Kurt Callewaert and research manager Security & Privacy Shane Deconinck explain Howest's initiatives and ambitions within Web3 and metaverse.

Afterwards, researcher and business consultant Jonathan Maes will take you through the immense potential of the metaverse using a real life use case. With his academic background in market research and new business models and his experience as an IT consultant, you can expect a fascinating and inspiring session.