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Design Drinks & Talks 18.01

Earlier this month, Link Lab's Kortrijk team received the prestigious WORKSPACE (small) award at the World Architecture Festival for their own office on the Veemarkt in Kortrijk!

So the choice of the next location for our Design Drinks & Talks was quickly made.

We cordially invite you to their inspiring office space on Thursday 18 January at 19h00 for another edition of Design Drinks & Talks. Our inspiration and networking gathering for creatives and everyone interested.

Again, we foresee a varied line-up of speakers, all recently nominated for great prizes!

On stage 🎤:

👉 Link Lab itself, with Simon Adriaenssens of Stay Studio

👉 Kortrijk fashion designer Charbel Abou Zeidan of Octogony, nominated for the Belgian Fashion Awards 2023 in the Emerging Talent category

👉 Alyssa Lanssiers, alumnus UGent Campus Kortrijk and currently a product design engineering lead at Loop Earplugs, Scale-up of the Year 2023 and winner of the Henry van de Velde Awards 2024 Consumer category.

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Simon Adriaenssens
Stay Studio - Winner at World Architecture Festival

The award-winning project called Link Lab is located in the heart of Kortrijk (Veemarkt). Link Lab is a platform that houses various creative agencies: urban planners (Dencity), as well as architects for large developments (Markland), to designers of private homes (Us) and interior designers (Stay Studio) all have their workplace there.

STAY provides personal design that stands out from the rest. Interior architecture at the intersection of art, objects, graphics and technology, creating accessible spaces and environments where people want to spend time.

Simon Stay studio

Charbel Abou Zeidan
The creative director of new Belgian leather goods label Octogony
Belgian Fashion Awards - Emerging Talent of the Year 2023 nominee

As a designer, Charbel Abou Zeidan has a background in architecture. He infuses his brand Octogony's collections with haute couture techniques, clean lines and geometric shapes. With a fervent commitment to high-quality materials, attention to detail and craftsmanship, Abou Zeidan specialises in creating minimalist, clean designs based on the octagonal shape, resulting in bold leather sculptures. As a designer, he has developed a unique aesthetic that is both timeless and contemporary.


Alyssa Lanssiers
Loop Earplugs
Scale-up of the Year 2023 & Henry van de Velde 24 Awards Consumer Loop Earplugs Engage

Alyssa Lanssiers studied Industrial Design at the UGent campus Kortrijk and was selected as one of the We are the Next Generation designers during Week van het Ontwerpen 2017.

Meanwhile, she is a Product Design Engineering lead at Loop Earplugs, voted Scale-up of the Year 2023 and awarded the Henry van de Velde 24 Awards category Consumer for the Loop Earplugs Engage.

Alyssa Lanssiers


Veemarkt 1 - access via escalator
8500 Kortrijk

7 pm (end foreseen around 10.30 pm)

Free entry subject to registration

Talks will be in English!

Veemarkt office photo cafeine 46

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