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Descaplant opens brand new shop

The second realised project of DESIGN IN SHOPS

Florest Descaplant saw in the DESIGN IN SHOPS project the ideal opportunity to redesign their business on the occasion of their 30th anniversary. With DESIGN IN SHOPS, the city of Kortrijk and Designregio Kortrijk want to give colour to Kortrijk as a city of innovation and design. In the project, merchants are encouraged to renovate or rearrange their shop, to better furnish the display window, to improve the visibility or to carry out other creative interventions together with a designer. Each participating retailer receives a grant as financial support from the City of Kortrijk and Interreg. After kapperszaak TON SUR TON is this the second closed case in the project DESIGN IN SHOPS.

Descaplant quickly chose to collaborate with creative and strategic designer Laurent Gerard who already has considerable experience in commercial interior design. The Walloon designer designed a progressive interior, linked to a new house style and slogan: 'Passion and Emotion'. In March, the shop was stripped and rebuilt in a fortnight, but the planned reopening can only take place now. The result is a fresh and colourful shop space!

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DESIGN IN SHOPS leads to rebranding
To celebrate the anniversary, the shop was to get a new interior. The 'DESIGN IN SHOPS' project came at the right time. Gudrun Bekaert: "We submitted our candidacy and were paired with four designers. The final choice fell on Laurent Gérard, a strategic and creative designer with tons of experience in retail. "It clicked very quickly and after he took care of the interior, he also proposed a new house style. So our renovation became a total rebranding. Our new slogan now also reads: 'Descaplant: Passion and Emotion'."

The DESIGN IN SHOPS project is a concrete result of the membership of the city and region of Kortrijk to the Unesco Creative Cities Network. This project encourages cooperation between traders in city centres and professional designers. The project is implemented by Designregio Kortrijk and financed by the City of Kortrijk and Interreg Flanders-Wallonia-France. Forty Kortrijk traders or hospitality businesses will be supported financially and encouraged to call on the services of a designer. After a selection by a jury, the merchant will be introduced to three international designers.

Executing contractor: VORMCO

Photographer of the images above: LNNN photo agency

Photographer below image: Kattoo

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