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De Warmste Makerspace

BUDA::lab becomes The Warmest Makerspace! An initiative of Canvas, Team Scheire, Devine Howest and BUDA::lab (Designregion Kortrijk).

From Friday 20 to Sunday 22 December, the BUDA::lab will be de Warmste Makerspace! Not only will Team Scheire be camping there for three days, but you can also attend creative talks, numerous workshops for young and old and a Makers Market. All proceeds will go to Clinicoders, a CoderDojo Belgium project that supports maker projects for children with disabilities. For the Canvas programme Team Scheire, Lieven Scheire and a team of designers and makers devise concrete solutions for the everyday problems of people with disabilities. And that is exactly what they are going to do on 20, 21 and 22 December during De Warmste Makerspace, a pop-up workshop in the BUDA::lab in Kortrijk. There, Lieven and his "fixers" tackle all sorts of small problems and try to solve them in a few hours or a day. Everyone is welcome to come and take a look at the power of creativity and collaboration. And Lieven reports daily on their voluntary work for charity.

But there is more!

Students Devine, Howest will keep a bar open all weekend long in the Budafabriek for the benefit of Clinicoders. On Friday evening 20 December they will also organise the Warmest Creative Talks: an evening full of creative talks with a.o. Hannes Coudenys (Hurae), Wünderbaar, Jonas Leupe (Brandstof studio) & Jonas Devacht. Tickets available via the facebookevent.

CoderDojo Belgium will be present on 3 days for a Coderdojo pop-up! (10am-6pm) At CoderDojo, girls and boys aged 7 to 18 can learn to programme. During the Warmest Makerspace, the coder dojos of Kortrijk, Waregem and the surrounding area organise pop-up coder dojos where you can, for example, make a robot drive, program your first game on the computer or experiment with arduino.

On Sunday 22 December you are welcome for a Makersmarkt organised by the BUDA::lab: a discovery market where numerous makers show their products/machines/projects/inventions to the general public! Are you a maker and do you want a place at the Makersmarkt? Please contact us via info@budalab.be.

During the three days visitors can also participate in numerous workshops (with free contribution) in collaboration with various partners:Friday 20/1210h-14h30:- Workshops soldering- Pop-up coderdojo14h30-18h:- Workshops soldering, workshops making stickers- Pop-up coderdojo

Saturday 21/1210:00-14:30:00
- Workshops soldering- Workshops 3D design/printing- Pop-up coderdojo14:30-18:00 - Workshops soldering- Workshops stickers making- Workshops 3D design/printing- Pop-up coderdojo

Sunday 22/1210:00-13:30
- Makersmarkt- Workshops soldering- Pop-up coderdojo13:30-18:00 - Makersmarkt- Workshops soldering- Workshops making stickers- Pop-up coderdojoEveryone welcome from 20 to 22 December, free entrance between 10:00 and 18:00.Budafabriek, Dam 2a Kortrijk

For more info, contact Stan Dewaele, coordinator BUDA::lab and project manager Designregio Kortrijk via info@budalab.be or 056/51.91.8