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Data, the new gold: open call for companies, organisations and public administrations

Within the COM3 project, new products and services are developed based on data from companies, organisations and municipalities. Five co-creation workshops with 15 companies have already been held, in which we arrived at three new concepts together. Now we are looking for you!

1. Are you interested or are you an expert in energy?

2. Are you active in renting or sharing spaces?

3. Or can you make a special contribution in the field of leftover materials and circularity?

Can you help us with this? Then contact us and register for our info session on 16 December or 6 January.

Last year, we worked with 15 organisations and companies to co-create new products and services that can make a special contribution to our region as well as to the participants of these sessions.

The common theme during these workshops and inspiration moments is Data "the new gold".

We bring different data together and define new concepts where data can make a special contribution.

During the workshops, we arrived at three basic concepts.

  1. How can we map energy production and consumption on an industrial estate and ensure its exchange across the boundaries of the plot?
  2. As a company, municipality, city or organisation, you always have a shortage or surplus of space. Imagine if we could map these non-optimally used spaces (meeting rooms, warehouses, etc.) via various data sets and set up an exchange system for this, so that we could become a space-neutral region in the future...
  3. A large quantity of materials is processed in our region into new products, but what about leftover material? What is waste material for one company can be a raw material for another. What if we set up a new service that not only ensures that these leftover materials can be exchanged, but that knowledge can also be built up in combination with the development of creative talent?

We would like to present you the different concepts in detail during an information session that will take place digitally on 16 December 2021 and 6 January at noon.

Participation in the project is not free. You do not have to pay, but we do expect commitment and knowledge sharing from every participating company or organisation in order to jointly develop new products and services that create added value for everyone.