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Kortrijk and UNESCO Design Region for connection and solidarity

Worldwide, the corona crisis has become the challenge of our entire society. A challenge that fortunately also stimulates many to be original, and to use creativity for more connection and solidarity.

From our Unesco Creative Cities Network, we got to see beautiful examples of that creative connection and solidarity:
  • A Corona-chronicles campaign is running in our design partner city of Singapore.
  • In the same city, 19 designers brought their positive message despite its impact on their business.
  • Shenzhen, in turn, is calling on designers to create posters that express global solidarity and support at this unprecedented time. The works will be part of a poster exhibition in Shenzhen during their Design Week in July 2020.

Also from Kortrijk UNESCO Design Region we want to show solidarity and that our Kortrijk region can come to creative solutions by working together.

On the one hand by positively supporting the many vulnerable elderly people, families sitting at home with children, the many home workers and countless others. On the other hand, by giving our regional designers a shot in the arm.

That is why we called on some of them to design CREATIEVE POSTERS. We have collected their contributions and are happy to make them available to everyone online: for downloading, printing, colouring in or making up, distributing and hanging out. (download the file here). In this way, with Kortrijk UNESCO Design Region, we hope to be able to contribute to a wearable and creative corona time for everyone.

Stijn, Lise, Veerle, Lisa, Stan, Sébastien, Kimsy

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