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BUDA::lab - Meet Volunteer Harry Everaert

Harry Everaert is from Aalbeke and is 73 years old, father of 4 children and grandfather of 4 grandchildren. What he likes doing most? Helping them with his handy hands! Read the mini-interview below to find out what he does in the lab!

How did you discover BUDA lab?

Eight years ago, my wife saw an announcement of open business day at BUDA lab. I went and kept coming.

What made you decide to become a volunteer?

I started repairing machines in BUDA lab, then asked for an access badge so I could keep working on it and that way I naturally became a volunteer.

What is your contribution as a volunteer at Buda?

Anything broken, I have to fix. I can't see anything broken :) I repair or optimize the machines. Currently I am working, among other things, on the large CNC router in BUDA lab.

What makes BUDA lab worthwhile, fun or special for you?

The atmosphere there is good and I can do what I like to do most. It's a place you just always enjoy coming back to.

Thanks for the interview!

Harry Vrijwilliger