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Breads of the Creative Cities Call

Bread is a staple food and is baked and eaten all over the world. But every country and community has different recipes for baking bread and different ways/traditions of eating it. The project Breads of the Creative Cities aims to capture these unique traditions. Organisers ITKI Foundation and its partner Tucson (US), UNESCO City of Gastronomy set up this call for local bakers, farmers and millers. For this call, the definition of bread is extended to any basic local food that plays a culturally significant role in a community's heritage, in order to include as many UCCN member cities as possible.


  • CREATE A CULTURAL DIGITAL RESOURCE: Create a digital hub where stories and traditions of the traditional local bakers, farmers, and millers of the UCC are collected.
  • PROMOTE “BEST PRACTICES”: Promote replicable and inter-clusters formats for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.
  • SPOTLIGHT THE KNOWLEDGE KEEPERS AND THEIR VALUE CHAIN: Highlight the culture, the tradition and the efforts of the bakers, farmers, and millers.
  • STRENGTHEN THE UCC NETWORK: Create a stronger relation between the Creative Cities and the Knowledge Keepers involved in the project.
Breads of the Creative Cities Third Edition

How to participate

You can participate as a UNESCO Creative City or as a Knowledge Keeper (baker, miller, farmer) by registering onto the Creative Knowledge Platform here.