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BKRK-award #Hout

Bokrijk launches the BKRK-award, this year around the theme of WOOD! They are looking for creative talent, craftsmen and designers with innovative wood concepts. Sign up by April 1, 2024.

VAKlab, Bokrijk's expertise and service center on craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, is organizer of the BKRK award. VAKlab guides makers, designers and entrepreneurs in realizing dreams and ambitions. Together with partners, they strengthen and develop contemporary craftsmanship as an added value for the economy and other sectors.

Since the focus of the competition is on craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, Flanders DC is a partner not to be missed. Indeed, Flanders DC is the contact point in Flanders for creative and future-oriented entrepreneurship within design and fashion. Together with them, VAKlab can guarantee professionals who want to grow into a business the appropriate guidance.


The BKRK award honors both national and international creative entrepreneurs who develop products based on their expertise. This competition highlights the historical craftsmanship that serves as inspiration, with a clear link to Bokrijk. The awarded designs contribute to both the economy and society. With an expert jury, an official award ceremony and a strong image, the BKRK award plays an essential role within Bokrijk's focus on craftsmanship.

Contest question

The BKRK award #wood focuses on the craftsmanship of woodworking. We approach this craft from a contemporary perspective, inspired by historical techniques but enriched with innovation and relevance. The award-winning product embodies authentic craftsmanship in use, technique, material and durability, and is developed with a contemporary and/or innovative perspective. The goal is not only to create economic added value, but also to take further steps with the concept. During the process there is room for exploration with various experts. We aim not only for decorative objects or traditional wood products, but welcome a wide range of products, concepts and services that push boundaries, are innovative and bring something new. The materials and techniques used are completely free to the participants.


Practical information

Participants may submit up to three dossiers, concepts or ideas. A separate entry form must be submitted for each entry. Contestants must commit to physical attendance at all contact moments during the contest. Failure to attend these contact moments may result in exclusion from the competition.

Judges are recognized authorities within their field
. Entries will be judged on the following criteria: sustainability and innovation, creativity, craftsmanship and technology, entrepreneurship with economic potential, and storytelling. Products submitted must not have been commercialized by the submission deadline.

The first jury moment will take place onApril 22, 2024 from 10 am to 1 pm, where the jury members will decide which 10 entries will be retained. Entrants are not allowed during this jury moment. All participants and the 10 selected will be notified by email of the jury selection no later than April 29.

A "Meet and Greet" is scheduled on May 6, 2024 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Campus of Craftsmanship in Bokrijk. Here, those selected will have the opportunity to speak with the jury and experts. Attendance is mandatory.

During the summer months (May, June, July, August), those selected will have time to fully fine-tune their project based on feedback received. Coaching moments of 2 hours each (twice) will be provided to discuss assessment criteria.

The second jury moment will take place on September 9, 2024 from 10 am to 6 pm at the Campus of Craftsmanship in Bokrijk. Here, the 10 selected will each be given 30 minutes to present their prototype to the jury. How the product is marketed will be included in the evaluation. Attendance is mandatory.

After presenting all prototypes, the jury will choose three finalists, who will be notified no later than Sept. 11. The jury's decisions are binding. Nominees must keep all selection information confidential until Bokrijk has announced the nominees.

The winner of the BKRK Award #Wood will be announced at the closing event on Sept. 24, 2024 and will receive a place at the WONDER Kortrijk Creativity Festival.