Architect Christian Kieckens 1951 2020 c Design Museum Gent

Architect Christian Kieckens died

Last weekend, architect Christian Kieckens unexpectedly passed away.

Christian Kieckens graduated in architecture in 1974. Since then, he has played an important role in the world of architecture in Belgium, not only as an architect and educator, but also as a pacesetter in art and culture. He won the Godecharle Prize for Architecture (1981) and the Flemish Culture Prize for Architecture (1999).

Because of the way in which Kieckens managed to bring together language, philosophy, the visual arts and architecture, he can be regarded as the reincarnation of the Renaissance architect. As co-founder of the Stichting Architectuurmuseum, he laid the foundations of the present-day, rich and diverse architectural culture in Flanders and Belgium.

With his passing, the world of architecture has lost an important mentor and a rich personality. He will continue to speak to us through his oeuvre.


In our region, Christiaen Kieckens was involved in the expansion of Kortrijk Xpo, more specifically, he introduced the concept of the "Rambla", a central wide aisle allowing for better configuration and accessibility. More on our architecture map. He also designed an intervention in the hall of Interieurhuis in Kortrijk.

Much strength to the family and relatives.